10 scale models actually run on hydrogen


Toyota presented a 1:10 scale model of the Mirai fuel cell vehicle which is remotely controlled and, just like its big brother, runs on hydrogen. The Toyota Mirai mini sedan uses a miniaturized fuel cell and can travel up to 400 miles on a hydrogen tank.

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The automaker posted a short film on its YouTube channel featuring a full-size Toyota Mirai and the mini remote-controlled version of the hydrogen-powered sedan. The video shows a test drive of the small hydrogen-powered car with its big brother. Toyota says this experiment was conducted to show the potential of hydrogen and how it can be used in several ways.

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To run a mini Mirai on hydrogen, just like its big brother, Toyota hired British tech company Bramble Energy to create a miniature fuel cell, which the company said was a challenge. This was created using a miniaturized version of Bramble’s PCB fuel cell system so that it could fit into a 1:10 scale remote controller chassis.

The companies created two small, AA battery-like hydrogen tanks to be installed on either side of the board to power the hydrogen collector on the front. Everything was mounted on a 1:10 scale chassis from Tamiya, another partner in this experiment. The company supplied a TT-02 four-wheel drive chassis for the foundation of the Mirai scale.

The Bramble Energy system provides approximately 20 watts of power, which is double the runtime capacity compared to a conventional battery-powered remote control car. The hydrogen cans installed on the Mirai chassis are switchable, allowing for quick replacement when fuel runs out.

Commenting on the success of the experiment, David Rogers, Toyota (GB) spokesperson on alternative fuels, said: “Hydrogen will play a key role in meeting our future energy needs, bringing zero emission driving for consumers. big cities and small villages. “

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