16-year-old builds LEGO model of Crooked Tree Arts Center


We all know and remember playing with LEGO when we were kids.

But 16-year-old Roldan Grace is passionate about construction and takes his designs to the next level. He broadened his horizons by building scale models from LEGO bricks! This avid LEGO artist created one of his favorite buildings in Petoskey, Crooked Tree Arts Center.

Grace spent ten years of her life at the arts center, taking part in art classes, performing and visiting the gallery.

Megan DeWindt, President of Cooked Tree Arts Center, says. “I think this piece is a true tribute to our 50th anniversary celebration. Our theme for the year has been celebrating our roots and developing our future, and Roldan is the future.

Grace has been working on this project since spring 2020 and has dedicated approximately 240 hours and 6,632 pieces to bring this project to life. We wonder if his thumbs hurt because of all these pieces!

“I designed it in the computer. I walked around the building, took pictures. I was finally able to get on the roof, ”says Grace. The craziest thing is that all these LEGO parts were provided by donations made through a “GoFundMe” with a goal of $ 2,000.

People were still donating once the goal was reached, so Roldan decided to thank the donors by “carving” their names into “bricks” in the model’s lane. He even added some light inside the building to illuminate the stained glass windows, which are an important part of the arts center.

When you look at the set, the real building blocks aren’t the LEGOs – they’re the spirits behind this.

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