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October 21 is the day we return to the future! Marty McFly’s epic story first came out in 1985 and captured the hearts and imaginations of fans around the world.

It’s that time of year when we make time capsules, assemble our hoverboards and start the engine of our DeLoreans! What better way to celebrate this day than to relive the best moments of the trilogy through wonderful memories from Back to the Future? All of the items below come with a Certificate of Authenticity and tamper-evident security hologram.

Personalized display Back to the future Photo: hollywoodmemorabilia.com

Are you a fan of the Back to the Future cast? Get all three signatures of Michael J. Fox, Christopher Lloyd and Lea Thompson in one image! This Back to the future memories is a 19 “x 22” personalized framed cut signature from the cast featuring photos of memorable moments from the film. Why settle for a single autograph when you can have all three at the same time!

245211817_405947307766940_5164141304146660204_n Back to the Future Poster Photo: hollywoodmemorabilia.com

Who can forget the franchise’s iconic movie poster? This is one of the most recognizable movie posters in history! This 11 “x 17” original poster is a true collector’s item because it is autographed by Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd.

247350983_649928705992480_8152421696098042941_n DeLorean Time Machine die-cast model Photo: hollywoodmemorabilia.com

When you think of the Back to the Future franchise, you think of time travel, the future and of course the iconic DeLorean! Get this vintage DeLorean die-cast model still in its box. The icing on the cake ? He is signed by franchise stars Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd. You can’t time travel without your DeLorean Time Machine Back to the Future, can you?

246761678_920200602037967_7054330904167045430_n OUTATIME license plate Back to the future Photo: hollywoodmemorabilia.com

Get an authentic signed license plate of our favorite DeLorean that travels through time before you race OUT OF TIME! It’s signed by Michael J. Fox and Christopher Llyod and makes the perfect decor or gift for any Back to the Future fan.

246455380_599760504511858_7196768746141528446_n Back to the future Photo: hollywoodmemorabilia.com

Do you remember all the iconic lines from your favorite movie franchise? Don’t worry, you can memorize the whole movie with this authentic copy of the script signed by Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd. Relive your favorite moments by playing the character of your choice!

245099443_1490169128020560_9021514290430285296_n “Doc with the Clock Tower” Funko Pop Photo: hollywoodmemorabilia.com

When it comes to pop culture memorabilia, there should always be a Funko Pop! Get an authentic Funko Pop from “Doc with the Clock Tower” which includes a small-scale version of the clock tower. This collector’s item is made more exclusive with the signature of the one and only, Christopher Lloyd.

245651262_284043093432307_3224016215860011523_n Framed Picture Back to the future Photo: hollywoodmemorabilia.com

Get a framed grayscale photo of our favorite characters, Marty McFly and Dr. Emmett Brown. This is an 11 “x 14” black and white photography of one of the film’s most iconic scenes. This is also signed by Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd.

245157442_1024161085030987_5215159555246643561_n Back to the future Photo: hollywoodmemorabilia.com

Speaking of iconic scenes, Doc risking his life to bring Marty back to the future even in a raging thunderstorm will always be a fan favorite. Remember that moment with this 11 “x 14” Photo of that precise moment signed by Christopher Lloyd.

245066000_582140656330906_3551328239190603084_n Back to the future hoverboard replica Photo: hollywoodmemorabilia.com

Be honest, you’ve always wanted a hoverboard ever since you saw it in Back to the Future Part 2. Well, now you can! This is a replica of the hoverboard from the movie and it was signed by Michael J. Fox.

245013285_1220497321764791_4502915957162483588_n Back to the Future II Poster Photo: hollywoodmemorabilia.com

We all have our favorite movie from the Back to the Future trilogy. If you are a big fan of Back to the Future II, then this movie poster is the memory for you! This is an authentic 16 “x 20” photo of the movie poster signed by Christopher Lloyd.

245172375_674823837198261_4018666945631457637_n Back to the Future II display with Hoverboard and nameplate Photo: hollywoodmemorabilia.com

If you are a big fan of Back to the Future II, then these keepsakes will satisfy your needs as a superfan. This is a 20 “x 27” framed display of the Back to the Future II poster as well as a floating hoverboard and nameplate. Just what you need to complete or start your collection!

245171201_571421814063992_2194591878785714315_n “Doc 2015” Funko Pop Photo: hollywoodmemorabilia.com

A must to celebrate Back to the Future Day is it Funko Pop from Doc 2015. This is an authentic item with the signature of Doc, Christopher Lloyd. This is a must-have for all Back to the Future fans!

245496921_293221645763506_8099186360573244112_n Laser Disc Back to the Future III Photo: hollywoodmemorabilia.com

Aren’t you missing out on the good old days of watching Back to the Future using a laser disc? Relive those days when you buy this authentic vintage laser disc from Back to the Future III. It is even signed by Christopher Lloyd! Celebrate this day by watching this movie and traveling through time.

245069557_3966720933429752_4715284387108084693_n Doc Super 7 action figure Photo: hollywoodmemorabilia.com

Are you a kid of the 90s? Then you will appreciate this one-of-a-kind collector’s item! Get an authentic model of the Future Doc Super 7 action figure. It has such a vintage vibe that you might feel like you’ve been taken back in time! It is also signed by Christopher Lloyd.

244990594_7092390307453689_2326886125130992210_n Collectible card Back to the future Photo: hollywoodmemorabilia.com

Another must-have in every Back to the Future fan’s collection are the infamous collectible cards. It is quite rare these days. It’s a authentic collectible card Back to the future signed by Michael J. Fox.

245036770_407184244224913_6914807674931499698_n Exclusive to the Canadian Funko Pop “Marty McFly” convention Photo: hollywoodmemorabilia.com

Want to jam on the songs “Johnny B. Goode” and “Earth Angel”? Well, keep your groove on with this authentic Funko Pop by Marty McFly with his signature guitar. Michael J. Fox will be with you in spirit as he also signed this Funko Pop. Enjoy your jam session with your autographed Funko Pop!

245062974_559905415314673_9163587032898721869_n The Rolling Stones magazine cover Photo: hollywoodmemorabilia.com

If you are a huge fan of Michael J. Fox and the Back to the Future franchise, here is an authentic copy of The Rolling Stones magazine with Michael J. Fox as Marty McFly on the cover. This signed copy is truly a one-of-a-kind collector’s item!

245532888_1352477041937983_3874171282583022239_n Back to the future Photo: hollywoodmemorabilia.com

If you can’t decide which Back to the Future movie poster to get, then get all three! This 16 “x 20” screen includes all three posters and a photo of the star of the film franchise, Michael J. Fox. What makes this extra special? It’s signed by Michael J. Fox! You get three posters, a photo of him and his signature all in one.

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