4 Scandi Design Kid brands that help you recreate the area’s stylish spaces

Scandinavian design is undeniably chic, but there’s something more appealing when it falls into the realm of children’s furniture, toys and decor. Not just there for show or an upcoming upgrade, it promotes well-being and brings a healthy dose of happiness into the home. The clean aesthetic isn’t too childish or austere, and the subdued color palettes are a balm for parents who get hives at the mere thought of noisy plastic toys piling up in the corner. In other words, little ones can fully explore their own sense of style when working in the Scandi-cool world of interiors.

If you don’t know where to start when scouring the internet for US retailers, you’re in luck: we’ve done the research for you. Here are four companies (with a bonus Dutch brand we love!) to help you get organized, add soothing colors, and transport straight to Scandinavia one mini architect’s office at a time.

Courtesy of Ferm Living

For the fun-loving minimalist

You’ve probably seen Ferm Living’s woven pear basket and round dormitory (a circular storage shelf for displaying blocks and figures) floating around your IG feed, but that’s just the beginning as far as the Coveted designs from this Danish brand suitable for children. From nature-inspired textiles and animal-themed figurines to cheerful pom-pom pillows and mid-century-style furniture, every piece proves you can create streamlined spaces for youngsters without sacrificing fun. Buy from the company’s US site or several other sites, including Danish Design Store, Fawn & Forest, Batten Home and House & Hold.

Create a Scandi-approved kids space with these 4 must-have design brands

Courtesy of Liewood

For the casual colorist

We’re not averse to a primary color palette, but who can stand up to a good pistachio, pink or ocher – soothing tones that are so easy on the eyes, you could focus less on the mess in this room. Copenhagen-based Liewood has parents covered from playtime to mealtime to bedtime with its understated range of toys, tableware, storage, bedding and more in eco-friendly materials materials such as natural rubber and organic cotton. Find it at Scandiborn USA and Smallable.

Create a Scandi-approved kids space with these 4 must-have design brands

Courtesy of OyOy

For the creative world builder

OYOY Mini’s universe is fun, full of curious friends (think: sleepy penguins and polka dot puffer fish) that make imaginative play guaranteed and retro rattan furniture that could have been picked straight from a Scandinavian cottage in the forest. The under-the-radar Danish brand has an equally polished approach to home accessories, including its Tiny Inka tableware series and its classic Arca chair in the making.

Create a Scandi-approved kids space with these 4 must-have design brands

Courtesy of Rafa Kids

For the pragmatic player

Founded in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, by husband-and-wife architects Arek and Agata Seredyn after the birth of their two sons, Rafa Kids is your go-to for durable furniture your kids won’t outgrow next year. The brand’s curved shelving and sleek beds pay homage to modern forms, while being thoughtfully functional – we’d consider the K-Desk for our own grown-up interiors. Luckily, the company ships worldwide (some items ship for free) and you can find select pieces at Design Life Kids and Moon Picnic.

Create a Scandi-approved kids space with these 4 must-have design brands

Courtesy of Fabelab

For the comfortable do-it-yourselfer

Copenhagen’s Fabelab is grounded in storytelling, making up for the lack of furniture with a slew of wonder toys and props. The characters go beyond the usual menagerie (they have a mole, a beetle, and a snail in the collection), and the fabric-based DIY projects and whimsical paper activity books are a step up from the pack. compared to its craft store counterparts. Fabelab now ships to the US, and you can find the brand at Bitte and Norman & Jules, or check its locator to find out which is closest.

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