6 best sexual pleasure and wellness brands to buy from – all local!

The Bangalore-based brand is definitely all about pleasure, but you’ll find a handful of wellness products on its platform. Check out this website for lubes, kegel exercises, massage equipment, fleshlights, and cheeky lingerie. And, their top of the list – vibrators. You will find minis, balls, bunnies, bath stimulators, anal stimulators, fingers, clitoral stimulators… You think so, and chances are you will find it; sometimes shaped as innocently as a lipstick!

5. The Sangya Project

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A self-proclaimed pleasure store, this Bombay-based brand makes no secret of its USP; serious stimulation. Don’t be intimidated by the homepage, which may feel like you’ve entered a tasteful BDSM store; their range of vibrators is extensive and not generic. You will also find lubricants, perfumes, massagers and crystals; the range is not as extensive as a Manzuri, for example, but the tone is more holistic.

6. Becharam

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This content can also be viewed on the site from which it originated.

This shamelessly advertised brand’s website (pun intended, because why not) might sound a bit corny, but Besharam (Shameless) definitely gives you a range to work with. Once you get past the jarring black and pink exterior, you’ll discover vibrators, lingerie, intimate care, BDSM kits, LGBTQIA+ compatible devices, performance enhancers, foreplay enhancers, nipple balms , condoms, lubes, bedroom games, edibles… almost puts ‘orgasm’ in ‘smorgasbord’ (couldn’t let a letter stop me, could I?).


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