7 Big Brands and Stores That Have Big Expansion Plans in Canada in 2022-2023

Thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, many iconic and popular businesses have permanently closed stores in Canada, including brands like The Disney Store, Starbucks, Gap and more.

However, that doesn’t mean other companies don’t have big expansion plans in Canada for 2022 and 2023.

In fact, a number of well-known companies have already outlined their growth plans across the country, with some set to open hundreds of new locations in the foreseeable future.

From The Body Shop to Baskin Robbins to Canadian classic Zellers, here are some of the brands that have announced plans to open new stores in Canada.

The body store

The Body Shop, Oshawa Center.

CNW Group/The Body Shop | Newswire

In a recent press release, The Body Shop Canada confirmed plans to expand new store concepts across the country in 2022.

The English company, which describes itself as a “global beauty brand”, will open four new branches in Canada by the end of the year, including in Oshawa, Calgary, Burnaby and Edmonton.

The brand says the new stores will be a “local destination for changemakers”, where customers can learn about sustainability while browsing and trying out some of The Body Shop’s most popular products.


Dollarama fans, rejoice! The discount retailer confirmed in 2021 that it has big expansion plans across Canada.

In fact, he wants to have up to 2,000 locations nationwide over the next decade. This is an increase from its previous goal of 1,700 stores in Canada by 2027.

This means that between 2021 and 2031, 700 new stores are expected to open, so you can expect to find more physical Dollarama locations for yourself in the near future.


An IKEA Canada store.

An IKEA Canada store.

Volodymyr Kyrylyuk| The time of dreams

Despite the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, IKEA continued to roll out plans to expand its offerings in Canada.

As Retail Insider reported earlier this year, the Swedish furniture retailer has rolled out what it calls “planning studios” across the country, as part of its Canadian expansion.

The first locations have already welcomed customers, with unique IKEA stores opening in Quebec City and Toronto this summer.

The idea behind the planning studio concept is to provide a mini IKEA experience, allowing the company to embrace much smaller retail spaces and offer products and services on a smaller scale than their traditional warehouses.

The new Quebec City store in particular has been described as a “proving ground” for future IKEA Canada concept stores, as part of the strategy to introduce the mini version across the country.

Sephora Canada

Last year, beauty retailer Sephora Canada told Narcity it had a multi-year expansion plan.

Between 2021 and 2023, the retailer plans to open nearly 50 additional locations, many of which have already opened their doors to shoppers.

Part of the plan is to invest in launching new locations that aren’t in malls so stores are more accessible to makeup and beauty enthusiasts nationwide.


u200bA Mango store.

A Mango store.

Chrupka| The time of dreams

A Retail Insider report from July indicates that Spanish fashion brand Mango will make a big entrance into the Canadian market in 2022, in partnership with Fox Group.

Up to 20 stores are expected to open across the country in the next few months alone, in addition to the launch of a Canadian website.

The first physical locations are expected to be in Toronto, with a Yorkdale Shopping Center Mango store expected to span 11,000 square feet.

Baskin Robbins

Baskin-Robbins recently contacted Narcity to confirm that it will be expanding its chain of ice cream shops in Canada in the near future.

Residents of Western Canada can expect to spot a lot more desserts, as 25 new franchises are set to open in Vancouver and Calgary.

The company’s senior director of international business, Craig Walker, said Baskin-Robbins “also remains focused on growing across the country.”


A Zellers store.

A Zellers store.

Paul McKinnon | The time of dreams

Announced in August 2022, Hudson’s Bay Company has confirmed that it will bring iconic retailer Zellers back to Canada as early as 2023.

The locations will open in The Bay department stores, although exact details of what they will sell and what the stores will look like have yet to be revealed.

The exact number of stores has also not been confirmed, although HBC says Zellers will once again have a presence in major cities across Canada.

The Globe and Mail reports that a Zellers online store will also launch in 2023, selling products like homewares, furniture, toys, clothing and more.

Because so many iconic stores from our Canadian childhood have now closed, it’s nice to see such a classic make a comeback!

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