A profile of the winners: Top Women in Store Brands 2021


“NCI was such a success, we explored developing a retail concept that would focus on these NCI learnings, successes and ideas while providing a differentiated retail concept, and thus, pOpshelf was created. and launched in 2020, ”Taylor said. Store brands.

“We’re addressing an unmet market need – value in the fun and discretionary categories,” she said of the program. “We are pleased with the initial results and feedback, so much so that we plan to grow from 30 stores by year-end to 50. We are celebrating pOpshelf’s first anniversary in October and we can’t wait to see this. that the future holds. ”

As Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer, Taylor continued Dollar General’s innovation around store brands, launching, reimagining and redefining the chain’s best own brands, including Drive MXD, a maintenance and repair brand. automotive retail, Pro Essentials in hardware, Shavely’s in razors, 3-2-1 Party and the Clean Label Root to End premium hair care line.

“I love the ability to make a real impact by giving communities access to affordable, quality products and offerings,” Taylor said. “This would not be possible without my passionate and dynamic team at DG who focus on the laser to provide an exceptional shopping experience for our customers. We listen to our customers every day and continue to innovate to help them save time and money when shopping in our stores.

Taylor added that Dollar General is primarily focused on its physical locations. The retailer operates 17,426 stores in 46 states. However, the company has implemented digital solutions in its customer journey to improve DG’s shopping experience, she said.

“It’s always exciting to continue to bustle around ideas that will only meet the expectations of our customers,” she said.

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