Al-Ghazi Tractors launches 2023 models on its 40th anniversary

To commemorate 40 successful years of its existence, Al-Ghazi Tractors Limited (AGTL) has introduced new 2023 models with high gloss paint features for all New Holland tractor variants.

The new 2023 models will be offered for the following models: 480s, 480 Power Plus, Ghazi, 640, 70-56 and Dabang. Additionally, AGTL is going to storm the market with a special batch of blue colored New Holland branded tractors for the first time in Pakistan.

The all-new models will allow farmers to have higher yields, thanks to AGTL’s advanced technology for planting, cultivating, fertilizing and harvesting crops. The improved variants are very durable, fuel efficient and economical. The models will also feature 2023 engraved chassis plates.

Speaking at the company’s 40th anniversary, AGTL CEO Malik Ehtisham said, “AGTL commends all of its dedicated customers and partners who have supported it through thick and thin over the years. We are working to make AGTL the leader in the agricultural equipment industry. AGTL also makes significant investments in technology to maintain the highest standards in agriculture by providing our farmers with access to state-of-the-art tools and modern methodologies with the help of our recently established R&D department. We use state-of-the-art technology while adhering to the vision of our shareholders to ensure that AGTL becomes the benchmark for others. We hope our customers will enjoy the performance with our state-of-the-art, state-of-the-art tractors that are always reliable and rugged.”

All AGTL customers are also eligible for a free maintenance program. Customers can have their vehicles serviced at their respective local dealerships.

Al-Ghazi is a joint venture of Al-Futtaim Group and CNH Agricultural Machinery Company. Its market share in the tractor manufacturing and sales industry in Pakistan stands at 46% year-to-date. It is also the highest market share Al-Ghazi has held in the past 14 years, a testament to the trust our partners, farmers and dealers place in us.

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