Bandai Spirits Has Amazing ‘Lightyear’ Toys On The Way This Summer

With the release of Light year In June, Bandai Spirits has some amazing toys on the way to coincide with the movie’s release.

First, we have a new SHFiguarts toy from Buzz Lightyear (pictured above) released in June for 8,800 yen, or around $69. This appears to be a fully articulated action figure with multiple accessories and immaculate detail.

Second, we have the Chogokin XL-15 spacecraft (pictured below) released in July for 14,300 yen, or about $112. The Chogokin branding means this will be a heavy die-cast toy, with retractable landing gear and an accessible cockpit. Not to mention Buzz’s and Zurg’s scale numbers.

On this latest spaceship toy, this appears to be the second spaceship we’ve seen from the trailers, as the opening ship in the trailer is quite different (though we’ll see the updated ship later in the same trailer).

Either way, both toys look amazing and with Bandai Spirits running them, they’ll no doubt be high quality pieces as well.

Anyway, I can’t wait to see Light year and I will definitely be picking up these toys once they come out.

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