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What are the best Hot Wheels toys?

Fantastic race tracks and jumps, fun tunnels and popular action figures are just a fragment of what Hot Wheels toy sets have to offer. You no longer need to get behind the wheel of your vehicle to experience the thrill, as most Hot Wheels include die-cast metal toy cars popular with small children and adults alike. In fact, Hot Wheels cars feature custom, cartoonish, fantasy vehicles rather than stock model cars.

Whether you want to add to your personal Hot Wheels collection or gift someone one of the most sought after Hot Wheels toys, this guide will help you make the right choice. In particular, the Hot Wheels Criss Cross Crash Motorized Track Set is a great choice that enhances creativity abilities and promises a lot of fun.

What to know before buying Hot Wheels toys

Hot Wheels Toys

Mattel makes Hot Wheels toys for all age groups. Naturally, 3-year-olds will like different toys than 6-, 9-, or 12-year-olds, so check the recommended age range on the package. Hot Wheels also produces collectible sets for serious enthusiasts of all ages.


Hot Wheels toys keep kids excited – kids will play with them for hours! However, if you’re buying a set for a collector, look for sets designed for display and include stands. It is also preferable that they are delivered in their original individual packaging.


Check the dimensions of all track pieces, especially those with large loops and turns that may not collapse for easy storage.

What to Look for in Quality Hot Wheels Toys

Hot Wheels gives you a choice of many different types of toys, constantly adding new sets and collectibles.

Track sets

Hot Wheels track set designs have gotten even more amazing over the years. The simple tracks of the past have turned into fantastic loops, twists, jumps and rollovers. Some of the more complicated track sets will need some adult help to put together correctly for maximum fun. Look for track sets that connect to other track sets so you can expand your collection and design your own unique layout.


Hot Wheels started with cars and now makes trucks, vans, military vehicles, airplanes and more. Some of their most popular vehicles are monster trucks and exotic sports cars. Hot Wheels 2021 sets also include character and movie-based vehicles, like Minecraft, Fast and Furious, Batman, Star Wars and Mario Kart toy vehicles.

Hot Wheels vehicles come as individual cars or in sets of various sizes. If you want a super surprise, check out the Hot Wheels 72 Count Random Case with an assortment of current issues and great cars from the past.


Hot Wheels sells many types and sizes of cases to store your cars. These are all great ways to keep your cars organized and safe from damage. Some are simple storage bins or carrying cases, while others are also designed to be toys and thus are part of the fun.

Vehicle collectors tend to opt for portable, transparent display cases, while those with larger collections prefer wall cabinets to show off their cars and trucks.

How much you can expect to spend on Hot Wheels toys

Most Hot Wheels cars come in sets that cost between $1 and $3 per car. Most Hot Wheels track sets cost between $20 and $50. Sets priced over $50 are usually extreme models, with a dozen costing over $100 and an amazing set costing over $500.

Hot Wheels Toy FAQs

Do all Hot Wheels track sets need batteries?

A. Not all do, especially the smaller and simpler ones for young children. Long tracks and sets of tracks with loops and jumps need to power the cars with batteries to achieve the high speeds needed to handle all the jumps and loops. Most of them require D batteries.

Are Hot Wheels track sets difficult to assemble?

A. Much depends on the ability of the person doing the assembly and their ability to follow the assembly instructions. The track design is another factor. Single tracks only take a few minutes to assemble, while larger sets with more intricate designs can take an hour or more to put together. Either way, be sure to keep the instructions.

What’s the best Hot Wheels toy to buy?

Best Hot Wheels Toys

Hot Wheels Criss Cross Crash Motorized Track Kit

What do you want to know: This layout has four tracks that converge in a crash zone for racing thrills.

What you will love: Pure mayhem when multiple cars narrowly avoided and crashed at the intersection of this wild cloverleaf design. Motorized boosters powered by four D-cell batteries increase speed through hairpin turns, tricky intersections and a huge crash zone in the middle of the tough figure-eight track. The car power-up feature lets kids line up lots of Hot Wheels cars to take to the track when it’s their turn.

What you should consider: This set comes with only one car.

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Best Hot Wheels toys for the money

Hot Wheels Race Super Speed ​​Blastway Dual Track

Hot Wheels Race Super Speed ​​Blastway Dual Track

What do you want to know: This Hot Wheels dual track is designed for thrilling side-by-side racing action.

What you will love: The two kid-activated slam shooters start the race. Hot Wheels cars knock down pit crew members with every lap of the track, and a checkered flag appears at the end to reward the champion. This track easily connects to other Hot Wheels track sets.

What you should consider: Parts of the track may disconnect if the game becomes too difficult.

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Worth checking out

Hot Wheels Factory Fresh 10-Pack Mini Collections

Hot Wheels Factory Fresh 10-Pack Mini Collections

What do you want to know: You can never have too many Hot Wheels cars.

What you will love: Each set is a surprise, with cars available in 10 different styles and colors. All vehicles in this Mini Collection have realistic details and authentic decor. Each car, truck or motorcycle comes in its original individual packaging for maximum collection.

What you should consider: Styles vary, so enjoy the element of surprise when they arrive.

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