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Santa’s elves (and their helpers) are busy in the North Pole and beyond filling Christmas toy wish lists for kids. Every year there is a new batch of the most popular toys. Children everywhere hope to see these essential items under their tree.

Parents trying to find the hottest toys for Christmas 2021 know firsthand that popular and trendy toys are flying off the shelves and selling out fast. Holiday shopping can quickly turn into fierce competition to grab those much-wanted gifts for kids before they run out. If you missed them, check out this list of the 2021 hottest toys.

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Wishful wizards will love mixing a magic potion with special ingredients to create their own interactive game Magic mix. The cute plush creature is waiting for a friend to cast the spell that brings it out of the cauldron. A real mist comes out of the pot, and the cauldron and the Magic Mixie produce over 50 sounds and reactions.

Air Hog Kicks Off The Excitement Of The Remote Control Car With The New Jump the fury which jumps 22 inches and lands softly. The Fury hovers over objects and does amazing stunts like 360 ​​degree spins, drops, flips, etc. Kids and parents alike will love the Zero Damage wheels and the 100 foot control range.

Paw Patrol puppies are back for another adventure with this hot Christmas toy. The exciting play set features three rescue scenes from “Paw Patrol: The Movie” and contains an exclusive die-cast Marshall vehicle. After circling the track, a spinning vehicle launcher sends the rescue truck crashing through the wall of Adventure City’s Obedience School. Kids will love evoking the excitement of the Paw Patrol movie with their friends and family back home.

Kids ages 7 and up can take classic Crayola art projects to a new level with this nifty airbrush sprayer kit. After loading a washable Crayola Mini Marker into the sprayer, budding artists can pump it to airbrush their favorite colors onto eight different stencil sheets to create their own spray art.

Kids can catch over 100 fairies in two separate jars by moving around with them Fairies Got2Glow interactive game. Luminous fairies light up their jar. Kids can also play games to collect rare fairies, and even talk to them and feed them. The My Fairy app will teach them more about their collection.

What child can resist a pet dinosaur that dances, laughs, roars and farts? Squeakee the balloon dinosaur does all of these hilarious things and more. Watch him stomp, gnaw, and even squirm while playing tug of war. Kids can feed, tickle, and train Squeakee to do tricks. Overall, it produces over 70 funny sounds and reactions.

Tech-savvy kids will love having their own digital pet monster. They can hatch, breed, and train their cyberspace creature for a match against a friend’s Digimon monster. The children must feed him, give him medical examinations, clean up his mess and train him to face his competitor in a binary fight. Digimon is the original digital monster that came to life in the 90s.

Little listeners can sing classic kids’ songs like Wheels On the Bus, If You’re Happy and You Know It and Baby Shark, and hear fun stories with the new Toniebox set with Playtime Puppy and Peppa Pig figurines, audio player and headphones. This Peppa Pig themed toy will keep kids entertained for hours.

Passionate gamers can pit their Beyblade tops against each other in the new Surge Speedstorm Volt Knockout Battle Set. An exciting and unmissable Power Vortex raises the stakes by pulling the peaks into its core and increasing their speed. Players face off in one-on-one matches, and only the strongest Beyblade survives.

Young gamers who dream of making their own video games can do so with The creator of mobile games from Pixiecade. Children design their game on paper and bring it to life on screen in three easy steps. Included books teach game design, cover 50 design concepts, offer 30 educational activities, and over 100 sample games. The Pixicade application also contains 1,000 game creations per kit.

If you are lucky enough to grab one of these hottest toys for Christmas 2021, you will be giving your kids some holiday magic and hours of fun.

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