Brands of New India is back with the “500 Challenger Brands” initiative; all set to unveil the second list of D2C 100 brands

Launched with the aim of discovering, highlighting and amplifying high-potential emerging D2C brands, Brands of New India’s “500 Challenger Brands” initiative is set to launch its second batch of 100 brands at a virtual launch event on March 9, 2022 from 11:00 a.m.

In addition to YourStory’s 100 challenger brands and experts covering the D2C space, the virtual launch event will feature speakers such as Abhiroop Medhekar, Co-Founder and CEO, Inasmuch asSpeedInasmuch as; Vishesh Khurana, co-founder, Inasmuch asshiprefuseInasmuch as; Richa Pendake, Founder and CEO, Inasmuch asNutrizoeInasmuch as; Apeksha Jain, Founder and Chef Jam, Inasmuch asThe Gourmet JarInasmuch as and more.

‘500 Challenger Brands’ is part of YourStory’s ‘Brands of New India’ property which was unveiled in September 2021. Since its inception, the property has undertaken multiple initiatives such as the launch of the first batch of 100 challenger brands and bringing together various stakeholders of the D2C ecosystem through the Brands of New India Mega Summit. Through these multiple initiatives, engagements and events, the property aims to help India build a portfolio of 500 strong D2C brands over the next three years, and also enable existing D2C brands to grow their collective revenue base. from the current $10 million. at $100 million.

Why should you attend?

  • To see and learn more about the country’s 100 high potential D2C brands that have the ability to revolutionize the D2C space in India.
  • Attend an engaging and insightful panel discussion on “Building Tomorrow’s Retail Leaders” with speakers such as Vishesh Khurana, co-founder of Shiprocket; Ganesh Balakrishnan, co-founder, Inasmuch asFlat headsInasmuch as; Nithya Sunil, Founder and CEO, Inasmuch asSmart cookiesInasmuch as; and Soumajit Bhowmik, CEO, Inasmuch asSewnInasmuch as.
  • Join an engaging session on “Right Time for D2C Brands to Raise Funds” with Abhiroop Medhekar, Co-Founder and CEO of Velocity; Vikram Kankaria, CEO, Inasmuch asFacherInasmuch as; Richa Pendake, Founder and CEO, Inasmuch asNutrizoeInasmuch as; and Apeksha Jain, Founder and Chef Jam, The Gourmet Jar.
  • Get the report with interesting insights on the second batch of 100 emerging D2C brands.
  • Be part of history by joining YourStory’s efforts to help India build a range of 500 strong D2C brands over the next three years.
  • Learn more about future initiatives and offline meetups organized by the Brands of New India property.

500 Challenger Marks

The 500 brands were selected through extensive research among the top D2C brands in the country and after reviewing more than 1,000 applications received by the company when the initiative launched in September 2021.

Some of the brands that were selected in the first round include Inasmuch asSleeping Owl CafeInasmuch as, Inasmuch asOpen secretInasmuch as, Inasmuch asjuicy chemistryInasmuch as, Inasmuch asBelora CosmeticsInasmuch as, Inasmuch asAnveshanInasmuch as, Inasmuch asStrictly necessaryInasmuch as, Inasmuch assleeping catInasmuch as, Inasmuch asDice Toy LabsInasmuch as, Inasmuch asFlat headsInasmuch as, Inasmuch asFlexnestInasmuch asand many others. You can see the full list and learn more about the top 100 brands here.

Brands recognized under “500 Challenger Brands” will be duly amplified across various YourStory properties, in addition to access to the company’s network of investors, enablers, mentors and other key stakeholders.

Announcement of the remaining 300 brands will take place in batches of 100 over the next eight months. In addition, challenger brands selected by the jury from among the ‘500 Challenger Brands’ will be nominated for “The brand accelerator” – another initiative under Brands of New India – which will be supported by YourStory’s network of stakeholders to mentor and support them at scale.

To register for the event and ensure that you receive the report directly in your mailbox, please fill out the form here

To learn more about the initiatives and events launched under Brands of New India ownership, visit the official website.

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