Check Out These Healthy “Junk Food” Brands Trending With Gen Z

  • A number of healthy snack brands market themselves as junk food.
  • They target Gen Z, the generation that often prefers snacks to meals.
  • Here’s a list of seemingly unhealthy but healthy snacks trending with Gen Z.

Three square meals a day came out. Snacking all day is all the rage — for Gen Z at least.

Gen Zers are more likely to snack between meals than their millennial counterparts, according to data from the Institute of Food Technologists.

And they are particularly attentive to what they nibble.

While a recent survey by investment firm Piper Sandler found that traditional snack brands like Lays, Goldfish and Cheez-Its are still their top picks, other reports suggest Gen Z are also food-conscious. healthy.

Now, a wave of snack brands have emerged that seem to combine the healthy attributes of being low-sugar, plant-based or ‘better for you’ – but are packaged with a Gen Z edginess to look like junk food.

Andrea Hernandez, who writes a Substack newsletter on snacks and is known in the virtual world as Snaxshot, argues that the era of “better for you” snacks being marketed as “better for you” – items like cheddar cheese charcoal melt or adaptogen cookies – are long gone.

Younger generations are turning to cookies, chips, and drinks that look — and taste — indulgent, even if they’re still healthy.

“It’s very much in line with Gen Z making the immaculate Instagram grid obsolete. It normalizes that we all have issues, we need authentic personas, and a snack is just a snack. snack,” she said. “The pendulum swings back from overcorrecting to make things functional.”

Take the recent success of the canned water brand, Liquid Death, which is on track to generate $130 million in revenue this year, according to Bloomberg.

Peter Pham, a venture capitalist who invested in the brand long before it became popular, believes the brand has found success in capturing the attention and money of Gen Z.

“We see younger generations moving towards healthier consumer habits – they drink less, ingest less sugar, etc. At the same time, the healthy food and drink space has always been an outdated category filled with boring brands. ”

Pham added, “This creates a flash moment for disruptive brands that know how to tap into culture and speak to Gen Z and digital natives.”

Insider polled more than 20 Gen Zers to compile a list of trending snack brands that pass themselves off as junk food but are actually…pretty healthy.

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