Credible-worthy or genuinely funny? April Fool’s jokes for brands | Advertising

Are you tired of brand-sponsored April Fool’s Day gags? We are a bit too. Nevertheless, here is this year’s overview of a few that stood out to us.

An imaginary ride in your favorite pop culture cars

Here’s one way to reduce your fossil fuel consumption: Get a small car instead of a real one. Singapore-based car subscription company Carzuno lets you “subscribe” to the car of your childhood dreams. A Batmobile? A DeLorean? A Bond-style Aston Martin? The choice is yours starting at just $4 per month.

Don’t drink and dream

Mattress company Mattressman has reportedly launched the world’s first “wine bed,” filled with your choice of red, white, or rose wine instead of water. The mattress features a flip-up straw on the side of the bed for an option to drink your wine of choice while you’re in bed. [*swirls glass* Ahh just the right tinge of astringency, oaky vanilla, and PVC.]

Paw patrol on duty

Queensland Police have engaged in an entire video featuring Australian conservationist Robert Irwin, who claim to showcase an elite new team of police officers. A word of caution: Some candidates sleep up to 18 hours a day, so they might not be suitable for guard duty. Rest assured that our resident advertising critic is not one of them.

The sweet and salty mash-up no one asked for

Vegemite, Australia’s most popular savory spread, has teamed up with TimTam, Australia’s most popular sweet snack, for a bizarre flavor mix. It’s unclear if the product was actually released, but a taste test on YouTube suggests it could have been a limited release. Either way, we’ll stick with the regular, double-layered, coffee-dipped TimTams, thanks.

April fools or not? Who knows

Given that Dyson released its new set of air-purifying noise canceling headphones just two days before April Fool’s Day, people were understandably confused as to whether the product was real or a gag. Dyson has pointed out that the product is not April Fool’s Day related, but the inopportune timing of its release lends a bit of mystery around this particularly odd device.

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