CS:GO agent skins and player models have different hitbox sizes

A major hitbox balancing issue between different player models and agent skins has been spotted in CS:GO by a user named ‘Ansimist‘.

According to the user’s detailed research using a program he created and share which calculates all head volumes, the observed difference between the head hitboxes of the largest (SAS) and smallest (Professionals) player model is 16.75%.

This is quite significant, as it results in a bullet fired at the same spot missing the head of the T-faced player model (Professionals) while hitting the head of the CT-faced player model (SAS).

The user then shared their full discoveries through that experience, lifting the curtain on a huge gap that has been in the game for the past seven years, since the ‘Reanimated‘The hitbox update was released for CS:GO in September 2015.

Hitbox size balance issue between heads of different Agent skins and player models found in CS:GO

Hitbox size is nothing but the area of ​​player models where damage can be dealt when hit with a melee or ranged weapon.

In a competitive shooter like CS:GO, it is necessary that the hitbox sizes of all skins and agent models are equal, in order to maintain competitive fairness, through professional and regular gameplay.

However, this is not the case, as discovered by Ansimist, who, using a program he created, calculated the main hitbox volumes of all CS:GO Agents. The upshot is that there are notable differences between them that could impact gameplay.

The Agent faction with the largest primary hitbox area is SAS, while the one with the smallest primary hitbox is the Professionals. Here is a more detailed breakdown of the head hitbox size difference between different Agent skins and player models (smallest head hitbox to largest),

  1. Professionals – 16.75%

  2. Pirates – 11.27%

  3. FBI – 10.32%

  4. Separatist – 10.01%

  5. SWAT – 8.95%

  6. National Gendarmerie – 8.95%

  7. GSG9 – 8.60%

  8. ST6 – 8.16%

  9. IDF – 8.16%

  10. SEAL Frogman- 8.16%

  11. Phoenix – 7.54%

  12. GIGN – 7.05%

  13. Balkan – 6.08%

  14. Anarchist – 5.02%

  15. Elite Crew – 0.22%

  16. Guerrilla War – 0.22%

  17. SAS – 0% (Reference to all other calculations)

The full set of results can be found by click here (Google Docs).

Additionally, since every CS:GO map has a predefined faction associated with attacker and defender, this information on the difference in punching head size helps determine which maps are more stable and which are unbalanced.

Elite Crew and SAS being the respective factions on Mirage, this is the most unbalanced map in CS:GO, where the most favorable are Vertigo, Agency and Breach with a combination of Professionals and FBI.

For more information, the Google document shared by the user can be referenced with the video on YouTube that Ansimist did on this topic.

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