Evansville Dream Center needs toys for an affordable Christmas

Believe it or not, Christmas will be here soon, which means it’s time to start making a list of family members and friends you want to buy gifts for and visiting stores or websites for find the perfect gift for everyone on this list. Unfortunately, not everyone can do the same. Many tri-state families, especially in the Jacobsville area, are still feeling the effects of the pandemic-caused shutdown a few years ago, and inflation has forced everyone to be more selective about where to go. their money, which usually leads to Christmas. gifts being cut from the budget. Luckily, the Evansville Dream Center allows these families to skip this discount, but they need your help to make it happen.

Dream Center is collecting toys for the 2022 Affordable Christmas Event

The organization, which works with children and families in need to “help them connect to resources, solve problems and overcome obstacles on their path to careers, college and life readiness “, will host their annual “Affordable Christmas” in December at their location across from Bosse Field. The goal of the event is to “empower underprivileged families and promote dignity by allowing them a unique shopping experience”. The Center is asking for toys between $15 and $20 each which it will in turn sell to families for $2.00 each.

Of course, for families to buy toys, there must be toys to buy. It’s there that you intervene. The Dream Center is currently accepting toy donations through December 5 at its office located at 1516 North Main Street during regular business hours.

If you’re not sure what kids like these days, the Dream Center has created an Amazon Wish List featuring a huge number of toys for kids of all ages, giving you the chance to pick something and to have it shipped directly from the comfort of your home.

If shopping isn’t your thing, the Dream Center also accepts monetary donations through their website if you’d rather have them do the shopping for you.

The affordable Christmas event is only open to families in the Jacobsville area. If you have any questions or want more information, contact Kristin Comer at [email protected]

[Source: Dream Center Evansville on Facebook]

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