Freshpet: On Choosing the Best Dog Food Brands and Products

Pet owners always want to be assured that they are getting their dogs the best brands and products for their needs. With so many great options, however, it can be a little daunting to make sure we’re choosing products for the right reasons.

Freshpet recognizes that there are many ways to make more informed purchasing decisions for the benefit of our furry friends. Here, Freshpet includes some proven methods that can be used to help pet parents choose from the best dog food brands available.

Conduct research on reputable brands

Independent research through online resources is one of the most valuable ways to choose between reputable dog food options. When checking out, it’s always a good idea to check out in-depth reviews that go into great detail about why people like or dislike a certain product.

In many cases, popular brands will also be scrutinized a little further, either through studies or more comprehensive reviews by dog ​​enthusiasts. These details can be great ways to determine if a certain food might be right for your dog. Always remember that reviews should be taken with a grain of salt, especially if they don’t offer any specific insight into why someone rated the product the way they did. Still, overwhelming amounts of positive or negative reviews can usually point to usable information about certain products.

Consider Your Puppy’s Needs

If you’re looking for a new dog food, reviews and information from other pet parents can be great resources, but they’ll only be helpful if a product is created with the your dog’s needs. It is always very helpful to consider your dog’s needs and how they will inform your purchasing decisions. For example, if your dog is small-breed, it is imperative to choose from options specially formulated for small-breed and small-breed dogs. Similarly, large dogs will have different nutritional needs that must be met through products designed to keep them happy and healthy.

Remember that your dog’s breed, size, and age are just a few factors that will determine which foods are best for them. Other factors such as conditions or illnesses they may develop during their lifetime are also crucial to consider when evaluating which foods will fit well into their diet.

Examine the ingredients and their sources

Over the years, pet owners have become much more educated about what ingredients their pets should and shouldn’t consume on a regular basis. Checking ingredient lists and researching their sources has therefore become common practice when evaluating foods.

A few types of ingredients that are wise to avoid are chemical fillers and additives that do not add to a product’s nutritional value. In some cases, your dog may have an intolerance to certain ingredients such as protein or product sources and avoiding them is a great choice to help your dog stay happy and healthy in their daily life.

Pet parents may be interested in researching how a brand uses certain ingredients in their recipes. For example, premium protein sources are often ideal for helping dogs meet their necessary nutritional needs. Sources can also be a concern. Many of the best dog food brands will proudly state where their ingredients come from and what role they play in their recipes.

Dog food labels can provide information about the quality of the ingredients in

Learn more about brand practices

Now more than ever, pet parents are increasingly interested in supporting brands that strive to build a better world. Choosing dog food brands that prioritize addressing issues such as sustainability and social responsibility helps set the standard for practices that will help protect our environment.

Freshpet recognizes that evaluating existing practices and brand initiatives is a critical step in choosing the best pet foods on the market. Many of the most popular and reputable brands will have information available on how their food is produced, efforts made to improve sustainability, the rights of their workers and a variety of other factors that affect the quality of their food and respect. practices.

Consult a veterinarian

It is always important to remember that any potential changes in your dog’s diet should be discussed with a trusted veterinarian first. A veterinarian can be a great resource for information on your pup’s current health, nutritional needs, and the products most likely to cover them. They can also help you establish a routine for introducing new foods to your dog without causing any gastrointestinal or behavioral issues down the road.

Consulting your veterinarian is a good way to reassure yourself when weighing the merits of different brands. Freshpet recommends asking which products may be best suited based on factors such as their breed, age, size, conditions, and current lifestyle.

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