GalleryArc bridges the gap between brands, AR and Web3

GalleryArc bridges the gap between brands, AR and Web3

The 3D virtual reality environment is taking the internet into new realms, providing brands with new opportunities. Influential brands are actively embracing this move to Web3; Adidas, Burberry, Disney, Louis Vuitton, McDonald’s, Nike and Walmart.

GalleryArc, a Los Angeles-based company, brings value, interoperability, and utility to AR. The company has a robust and unique geolocation-based AR. In other words, a tool allowing communities of creators to experience them in augmented reality in three dimensions in the real world.

Elijah Kim, CEO of GalleryArc, outlined the team’s goal during his keynote at the NFT Expoverse in Los Angeles: “Our mission is to create a place where the universe meets the metaverse.” GalleryArc is set to extend reality, leveraging AR NFTs to create a more interactive world. Disney executed that with their new short, “Remembering.” Disney+ subscribers could watch a cascading AR stunt trickle down the screen and onto their living room floor!

GalleryArc aims to take NFTs to the next level of community innovation with augmented reality. They equip brands and creators with augmented reality technologies to effectively position themselves within the Web3 metaverse. This requires the use of blockchain ledgers, cryptocurrency, and non-fungible tokens (NFTs). These digital assets are often works of art, game characters and other creative products – documented on a blockchain.

Their mission is to execute beyond standard NFT PFP (profile picture) projects by transforming Web2 brand creations into IRL (real life) interactive experiences leveraging Web3. A Web3 NFT company, Doodles, also extends beyond PFPs. They landed $54 million in funding from Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian’s venture capital firm. GalleryArc’s publicly available products are WebAR experiences that require 5G wireless and cloud storage to catapult data to the user.

Check out their WebAR experience for yourself! Copy this link to populate GalleryArc’s and place it in your garden! The motorcycle can grow from the size of a toy to the Salesforce tower!

Check their website for more AR experiences and events!

3973 Clayton Avenue Los Angeles, California 90027
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GalleryArc’s mission is to empower creators of all types to create Web3-enabled augmented reality art, objects, experiences and software. Our technology allows creators to create an AR object as an NFT and assign it to a specific geolocation. Our interoperable Web3-based AR layer will work across all platforms, effectively creating greater value and experience by connecting the universe to the metaverse.

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