Get big savings on top vacuum brands like Dyson, iRobot and Bissell

Get up to $200 for a new floor cleaner. (Photo: Bed Bath and Beyond)

With cold weather and snow coming in the not too distant future, our days when we spend the majority of our time indoors are coming with it. All that time indoors means a slight increase in dust, pet dander and hair loss. And not only will there be more dust and dirt to clean up, but you’ll also be more at home to notice it.

Don’t worry, a powerful vacuum is just what you need to pick up crumbs, pet hair and dirt and make all your hours indoors vacuum less (pun intended). Lucky for you, Bed Bath & Beyond has a bunch of vacuums on sale right now, offering savings of up to $200 on popular brands.

When you find something you like from the list below, be sure to take advantage of Bed Bath & Beyond’s new welcome rewards program. Signing up is free, gives you an automatic $5 cashback, and earns you points with every purchase that converts into cashback. Opt for the Welcome Rewards+ program at $29 per year and you’ll get 20% off your entire purchase, plus other benefits. You’ll also get free shipping for the first week! So what are you waiting for? It’s time to shop for your new handy household helper.

While upright vacuums are the bread and butter of the Dyson brand, this stick model has a nearly five-star rating and tons of positive reviews singing its praises. The compact stick vacuum can tackle all types of floors, converts to a handheld and comes complete with a crevice tool, hair screw tool, fine laser plush head and a combined tool. The slim machine weighs just five pounds and is also bagless and cordless. It runs on a rechargeable battery and displays run time and battery power on its handy LCD display.

A Dyson vacuum is an investment, sure, but buyers promise it’s worth it. “It’s so light compared to my other model and this laser! It sees everything!!!! It’s quiet so when the kids are sleeping I vacuum in the dark because who needs lights when you have a laser! Love all the attachments and the suction is great! Great product. I was concerned about the size of the bin but that’s not an issue as emptying is easy and the light weight makes the easier suction and so practical!”

The decision to switch to a robot vacuum can seem like a big one and we agree that it will totally change the way you clean (for the better!). Let us make the decision easier for you. This Roomba maps your home room by room to keep it as clean as possible, on a schedule or as needed. It works in straight lines for deep cleaning while navigating furniture and other obstacles in its path. Rubber brushes are used to clean several types of floors and avoid tangling with hair. When it’s time to recharge, Roomba automatically returns to its docking station. The vacuum cleaner can also be connected to Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.

“This is my second purchase of a Roomba and I love it! It’s so quiet! I set it to clean every morning before I leave for work and when I come back the floors are totally clean. J I have pets so it’s a life saver of pet hair,” says one satisfied customer.

I bet if you open your cleaning closet and take a look at your mop, it’s probably seen better days. Take advantage of this sale to get an upgraded model at 20% off. This beloved machine offers the power and suction of a Shark vacuum with the ease and sanitization of disposal wet pads – the best of both worlds. LED headlights illuminate dirt and grime, making it easier to see and remove. And you won’t be tethered to a cord either, it runs on a rechargeable battery. This offer includes four disposable pads and a bottle of floor cleaner to get you started right away.

The best review comes from someone who tested the product extensively: “I’ve had it for 2 years and now I’m buying it as a gift for my sister. It’s been used extensively with 5 kids and two dogs! Still going strong strong and I’ve already gotten rid of all the other expensive “vacuums” that were so cumbersome to use. I like it because it’s cordless, it sucks extremely well, I can mop and vacuum.

It looks and works like a vacuum cleaner from the future. And at nearly $200 off the ticket price, it’s a great deal, too. It has 75 minutes of battery life on a single charge and a high performance filter to trap dust and allergens. The unique D-shape allows the vacuum to easily penetrate deep corners and along edges. LaserSmart technology helps this vacuum learn the layout of your home and find clutter, even in the dark. Use the app to schedule cleanings or designate no-go areas.

The charging base has been a highlight for many customers, with one saying, “Love, love, love, especially when it ran without a charge and went to the charging station and wiggled his butt in the unit and charged for about 20 minutes., then went and finished the hallway. Brilliant. Another adds: “My aunt and I bought this for my grandma from Turns 94 on her birthday and she loves it!! It goes in straight lines making her mat just the way she likes it. Returns to its base and picks up where it left off and finishes the job.”

If you’re looking for a do-it-all tool, get this lean and mean cleaning machine. The Bissell Crosswave Pet Pro can be used wet or dry and works as a vacuum and a mop. This price includes two pet hair rolls, two wood floor brush rolls, and samples of Multi-Surface Cleaner and Wood Cleaner. The two-tank system also separates the clean water from the dirty stuff, so you’re always cleaning with fresh H2O.

“I live on a farm. I have 4 dogs, 1 cat and 6 people who come and go every day. I have an eight month old who crawls on my floors; his hands and feet would get very dirty, little no matter how much I was using a traditional I had to do something My tiles are 26+ years old and very dull After using the vacuum once my floors were shining for the first time in years Hands and feet of the eight-month-old didn’t get dirty. Loved it,” says one reviewer.

Low priced, yet powerful, this upright vacuum is on sale for less than $100. It is an ideal choice for pet parents thanks to its pet hair tool. It features a quick-release wand that provides an additional 12 feet of reach – for vacuuming cobwebs from corners or furry tumbleweeds from hard-to-reach surfaces. The odor-eliminating filtration system also includes a washable carbon filter.

From the mouths of cleaning pros, check out this glowing review: “I used to vacuum people’s houses for a living. Dirt Devil was my brand of choice; this vacuum, in particular, is my favorite.The brush roll has way more brush threads than any other vacuum i have ever seen,thick as well which helps me get the job done faster and much better than other mediocre brush rolls .The moment you unbox it and turn it on you’ll know it means business Thing is fast and the vacuum fan doesn’t miss any debris This vacuum really is the best value for money I’ve had I felt like a kid with a new toy using this thing for the first time.

A weekly vacuum is needed to pick up crumbs and pet hair that accumulate during the week. However, if you really want to deep clean your carpets and rugs, a carpet cleaner is necessary. You’ll be shocked at how much dirt and grime is removed with a little water, heat and manual attention. And while you can rent a heavy-duty machine at most hardware stores, this Bissell carpet cleaner is on sale for around $150, making it a more cost-effective choice.

The compact model weighs less than nine pounds and it sprays then vacuums the upholstery to clean and dry it in one easy step. It also includes two bottles of pet odor and stain remover test. Plus, it’s perfect for small and hard-to-reach places, like stairs. “We have carpeted stairs that have morning coffee stains and dirty dog ​​paw marks, and this carpet cleaner demolished all the blemishes in one go! Good carpet cleaner for small spaces, and the stair accessory works well. Really pleased!” said one reviewer.

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