Holo Iron Man and All-Black Boba Fett Lead Hot Toys Summer Exclusives

Holo Iron Man and All-Black Boba Fett Lead Hot Toys Summer Exclusives

star wars toy collectors have seen, on several occasions, various all-white Boba Fett figures based on the original screen test armor. It was only a matter of time before an all-black Boba Fett figure arrived to match. From Bounty Hunter War comically, this variation of Fett’s design features the bounty hunter dressing incognito (apparently a quick paint job fools everyone) to enter arena battles. Fett is one of two Hot Toys Summer Exclusive figures announced so far, the other being the holographic Iron Man Mark LXXXV (Avengers Endgame). Cast in metallic blue, it’s supposed to look like a hologram of Tony Stark’s latest battle suit.

Both figures will arrive exclusively in select markets and pre-order conventions. While these aren’t essential variants for movie collectors strictly, these are the kind of niche variants that finalists and rarity hunters appreciate. Iron Man holographic is die-cast and, according to the official description, “features a helmet head with LED light-up function, intricate design of the Iron Man armor reproduced in blue with a metallic look, LED light-up functions scattered throughout the upper body, back and arc reactor on the chest, highly detailed weapons including Nano Lightning Refocuser, energy blade, Katar and a pair of Nano Repulsor cannons, interchangeable hands and a specially designed figure stand.

Boba Fett, meanwhile, includes “an all-black Mandalorian helmet and armor, black jumpsuit, jetpack, spear, pair of blaster pistols, blaster rifle, and display base!”

Keep an eye out for summer conventions like San Diego Comic-Con for ways to pre-order. (Probably at the Sideshow booth.) Take a look at the gallery below to see if these repaints look like what you want. So let us know your reactions in the comments.

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