Hot Toys Buzz Lightyear, Star Wars Tala

Star Wars The Black Series Tala from Hasbro, Hot Toys Lightyear Space Ranger Buzz and Robocop from Hiya Toys.

Image: Hasbro, Hot Toys and Hiya Toys

Welcome to Toy Aisle, io9’s regular toy news roundup. This week, Obi Wan Wednesdays continue with a new Black Series figure, Hot Toys keeps reminding you that their expertise lies in chilling realism with a trip to Light yearand, we cannot stress this enough: Nerve has a dinosaur shaped blaster. Check it out!

Image from this week's Toy News article Stares Into Infinity, and Beyond

hot toys Light year Space Ranger Alpha Buzz Lightyear Sixth Scale Figure

With Disney diverting most of its star wars-content related to its streaming service, it looks like Pixar’s Light year is going to be this summer’s biggest sci-fi blockbuster, with the Hot Toys treatment for the main character of the film: Buzz Lightyear himself. The 12-inch figure features 30 points of articulation, a “realistic” sculpt of the CG cartoon character with “rolling eyeballs” for additional expressions, seven interchangeable gloved hands in various poses, Sox the robotic cat and his computer (for those who opt for the deluxe version of this figure), and a beautifully weathered spacesuit with removable dome and rocket pack with wings. It’s arguably the biggest Buzz Lightyear figure yet, but it won’t ship until late next year.

Image from this week's Toy News article Stares Into Infinity, and Beyond

Image: Hasbro

Hasbro star wars The Black Series Tala (Imperial Officer)

Hasbro’s latest ‘Obi-Wan Wednesday’ reveal might be a bit mistimed given the events of this week’s episode of the show, but hey, it’s good to have any version of one of Obi Wanbetter new additions to star wars. Based on her Imperial officer disguise from episodes three and four of the series, Tala comes with an SE-14C blaster pistol. Now she just needs an equally uncomfortable Obi-Wan Kenobi with a comical trench accessory as a bonus! Tala is slated for release early next year, but is available to pre-order now for around $25.

Image from this week's Toy News article Stares Into Infinity, and Beyond

Lego Forest Hideout (gift with purchase)

Rumors are swirling that Lego will be bringing back some of its most iconic themes for the company’s 90th anniversary, but available as a gift with purchase for those spending $150 or more by June 22 is this revival of the classic collection. People of the Forest: A subset of Lego’s Castle Theme. The 258 Piece Forest Hideout The set includes a secret fort hidden in a tree and two forest figures wielding swords, bows and arrows. For those who grew up with Lego in the pre-star wars Days, sets of forest people, who cleverly recognized Robin Hood in any way, were always fun role models with plenty of hidden surprises and reveals. And if Lego plans to bring back anything to celebrate the big 9-0, we hope it will be more.

Image from this week's Toy News article Stares Into Infinity, and Beyond

Image: Hello Toys

Hello Toys RoboCop 1/12th scale die-cast figure

It’s Hiya Toys’ turn to celebrate 35 years of RoboCop with a new 12 scale figure that goes heavy on the sweet, sweet die-cast parts. The company has been producing detailed RoboCop Figs for a few years now, but at 6.5 inches tall, this version is taller than its usual fare. All of the figure’s armored parts are die-cast metal, and Hiya has managed to squeeze in an impressive 23 points of articulation. Accessories include interchangeable hands and heads, alternate battle-damaged armor and a pair of auto-9 pistols, with storage for one in Robo’s right thigh. It is available for pre-order on online stores like BigBadToyStore now for $90, with shipping starting February next year.

Image from this week's Toy News article Stares Into Infinity, and Beyond

Lego Ideas Jazz Quartet

It was October 2021 when Lego revealed that Lego Idea Submission for Hsinwei Chi’s Jazz Quartet would be made into an official set, but it took about eight months for the final version to be revealed. Available for purchase starting July 1 for $100the most notable change to Chi’s original design is that the all-male quartet now sees the pianist replaced by a woman tickling the ivories, while each performer’s frames have all been thickened and reinforced to make them presumably more stable at build and display.

Image from this week's Toy News article Stares Into Infinity, and Beyond

Image: Hasbro

Nerf Dinosqaud Armorstrike Dart Blaster

Even though Jurassic World: Dominion was a big stinker, dinosaurs are, and always will be, cool. And even when a Jurassic film flops at the box office and with fans, it still brings a mountain of dino merchandise, including another addition to Nerf’s Dinosquad line. These blasters aren’t necessarily designed to hunt dinosaurs, but rather take inspiration from the creatures for design inspiration. The new Nerf Dinosqaud Armorstrike blaster is inspired by the Anklyosaurus, although last time we checked the dino wasn’t known for blasting eight foam darts using a spinning cannon and a pump-action priming mechanism while storing eight spare darts in its story. But records from this era are sketchy at best. The Armorstrike blaster is available now for $40.

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