How Hot Wheels Unleashed captures the essence of toys


Hot Wheels Unleashed announces itself as a Hot wheels game like none before him. It’s more than just a racing game, but a love letter to Hot wheels franchise as a whole, capturing exactly what it was like to play with toys. Previous Hot Wheels games have provided traditional arcade racing experiences, featuring some of the franchise’s iconic vehicles, but few have managed to capture the spirit and creativity of the toys themselves.

Early 2021, Hot Wheels Unleashed was announced, and it immediately looked like something special. Developed by Milestone, known more recently for its work on the MotoGP and Stroll series, Hot Wheels Unleashed is designed to be a fun arcade racing title. The gameplay doubles up aesthetically and mechanically with what it means to be part of the Hot wheels Mark. Game Rant spoke to Milestone’s lead game designer Federico Cardini about Hot Wheels Unleashed, about how the game’s art direction, Track Builder, and car selection capture the Hot wheels to live.

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Hot Wheels Unleashed Toy Aesthetics

Hot Wheels Unleashed - 3

For players who have played Hot wheels games in the past, Hot Wheels Unleashed can be a stark contrast to what has happened before. From the first Hot Wheels Unleashed gameplay trailer, the game didn’t look like a standard racing title. Cars don’t look like real cars – they look like toys you can buy in the store. Players aren’t running through icy glaciers, sand-swept ruins, or other fantastic surroundings – they’re running in someone’s garage or in a skatepark.

For the Milestone team, these design elements are the basis of Hot Wheels UnleashedDevelopment. Asked about the toy of Hot Wheels Unleashed, Cardini said: “From the start, during our first brainstorming, the goal was clear: we wanted to do a Hot wheels game with real Hot wheels die-cast cars, not something using real cars with Hot wheels stickers on them. This distinction indicated by Cardini can be seen by simply looking at the previous ones. Hot wheels securities; while the cars in these games are taken from the Hot wheels collection, generally speaking, they’re meant to look realistic, as if someone inside is actually driving them.

A specific example would be Forza Horizon 3‘s Hot wheels DLC, which added Hot wheels vehicles and track pieces to the outside world of the game. The magnificent game presents awesome cars in a lush and relatively realistic Australian environment. As such, the addition Hot wheels the cars retain their signature designs, but have been aesthetically altered to appear natural compared to the game’s overall realistic artistic design. unleasheddiecast cars wouldn’t be out of place in a game like Forza Horizon 3, but they look at home in unleashed.

Building tracks in Hot Wheels Unleashed

Hot Wheels Unleashed - Skyscraper 4

This philosophy emphasizing Hot wheels‘the toy is not only about cars, but unleashedother features, like the Track Builder. Players can create their own custom tracks by stretching, bending, bending, and ultimately connecting dozens of these iconic orange pieces with unleashed ‘s robust Track Builder. Additionally, players can create tracks in any of the unleashedsuch as skyscraper and garage environments. Cardini spoke about the importance of unleashed ‘Track builder:

“The track builder came very early in the development process. In fact, it was one of the first parts of the game to be created. And that’s because, in our minds, you can’t make a Hot Wheels game without a track builder; building a track is a fundamental part of the experience when playing with Hot Wheels. ”

As Cardini points out, having the Track Builder was essential, especially if the game engaged with toy aesthetics in its other areas.

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Each level delivered with Hot Wheels Unleashed was designed using the Track Builder, a strong indication of the power of the tool. Designing a tool that is both powerful enough for a game designer, yet intuitive enough for the player, has not been easy for Milestone. Explaining the process, Cardini clarifies: “The development of the track builder took about two years and we created it with our team of developers as well as Hot Wheels Unleashedplayers in mind. “Coincidentally, the mode recalls Forza Horizon 4‘s Stunt Track Builder, however unleashedThe mode of is much more expansive.

Selection of Hot Wheels Unleashed Cars

Hot Wheels Unleashed - Skatepark 5

As with most racing titles, one of the most important aspects is vehicle selection. On the one hand, there are cases as in Gran Turismo 5‘s selection of over 1,000 cars, an unrivaled collection resulting in minute differences between each vehicle. On the other hand, games like Dirt 5, which was launched with just 63 cars spread across 13 different classes. Hot Wheels Unleashed fits into the latter category, offering a solid assortment of iconic vehicles, each with their own specifications, so no car is alike.

Hot Wheels Unleashed features over 60 cars to choose from at launch, with many more being released in post-release content. Milestone handpicked each vehicle based on which ones Hot wheels most valued community. Despite the magnitude of the number Hot wheels have been produced over the years, it actually wasn’t that hard to choose which cars were included in the game, according to Cardini. “This part of the game was a pretty easy task, I have to admit, as there were a lot of people on the team who were part of the Hot wheels community since their childhood, ”they explained.

Design-wise, no two cars are alike, and it’s immediately clear that these are toy cars, not real cars. For example, there is the “Veloci Racer”, a car shaped like a velociraptor, the “Buns of Steel”, a truck with a cheeseburger in the back, and even the Batmobile, which is just one of many. crossover vehicles from the game.

At the same time, not all cars are so over the top, with vehicles from real manufacturers like the Ford Mustang GT or the Audi R8 Spyder, but even these look like toy replicas of famous vehicles, not the cars themselves. . Hot Wheels Unleashed is a racing game with toy cars, not toys like cars, and it’s something to be excited about.

Hot Wheels Unleashed launches September 30 on PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X / S.

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