Iron Man enters the grid with Hot Toys’ new costume gantry set


It’s time to step into the grid once again as Hot Toys unveiled their latest 1/6 scale Neon Iron Man figure. This design just screams tron, and it marks the return of this hugely popular figure with a new update. The re-release will now feature an upgraded Tech Suit-Up gate in a new Neon deco that came with their recent iron man 2 figure. Iron Man stands 12.6 inches tall and features die-cast elements and LEDs throughout. Clu will have no idea what to expect with this beautifully crafted figure that brings together two legendary properties from Disney and Marvel. The gantry is a nice dynamic diorama to allow for even more display capacity and will take your collection to a new level. If you missed the previous 2018 release, now is your chance and you get even more than the previous launch. A special edition with additional accessories will also be offered and can be found exclusively at the new Hot Toys store in Shanghai. Neon Iron Man isn’t up for pre-order yet, but you can find all things Hot Toys here.

“The Hot Toys Neon Tech-inspired collection approaches MCU icons by reimagining them as collectibles for the modern moment. Blending bold, bright colors into the sophisticated costumes found in Tony Stark’s workshop, Iron Man’s tip coated with a light-enhancing element presents a stylish intersection of “Pop Culture” and “Neon Art. To further expand your unique displays, Hot Toys is thrilled to present a new Neon Tech Iron Man collectible set with 1/6th scale Suit-Up Gantry, a mesmerizing masterpiece that is instantly eye-catching.The special edition with additional accessories is available exclusively at the Hot Toys store in Shanghai.

“The Neon Tech Iron Man die-cast figure stands approximately 32cm tall and features incredibly detailed piano black and teal blue armor applied with distinct light-up reflective patterns, LED light-up design on the eyes, palms, back lower chest and forearms, two sets of interchangeable forearms, armour, and a pair of detachable lasers.”

“The Suit-Up Playset that comes with the Iron Man figure features highly-accurate structure, substantial detail, superb articulation, an all-new paint application with light-up reflective patterns, and LED light-up function to let fans recreate Tony Stark’s dazzling entrance from the movie!Plus!The special edition only available at the Hot Toys store in Shanghai includes an interchangeable mask and chest armor in translucent black for alternate looks. add this awesome set of Iron Man and Costume-up Gantry to your Hall of Armor display.”

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