It looks like ‘Macross’ toys are finally coming west and fans can choose which ones


Following the resolution of the battle for rights between Big West and Harmony Gold on the Macross series earlier this year, it appears that the first series of Macross related goods coming west will be the much coveted transformation variable fighter toys from Bandai Spirits.

As revealed this year New York comic, the Tamashii Nations Stand at three DX Chogokin variable fighters on display, as well as a link to a new investigation.

The survey asks fans their familiarity with the Macross franchise and what are their favorite mechs, among others.

The three toys are shown, in case you are curious, are the VF-31J Siegfried of Macross Delta, the YF-29 of Macross border and the YF-19 of Macross More.

These are part of the DX Chogokin line of toys, which means they are both fully transformable and filled with die-cast parts.

It’s also worth pointing out that Bandai Spirits goes to great lengths to ensure that these toys are true to the original designs from the anime. Hire original designers and creators, such as Shoji Kawamori, to check out the toys during their design phase.

Previously, these toys would have been released only in Japan, and fans would have had to import them, often at scalping prices. It is therefore a welcome development.

If you are new to the DX Chogokin range of Macross toys, I reviewed the original VF-1J a while back and it was an exceptionally good toy. These versions are therefore at a similar level of quality.

While the toy aspect of the Macross the franchise is certainly a big part of its popularity, I just hope we hear some news about the anime itself and when it finally comes west.

Either way, don’t forget to check out the Tamashii Nations Stand at this year’s New York Comic Con and complete their Macross toy survey here.

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