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CITY OF INDUSTRY, California., November 8, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Jada Toys, one of the world’s leading toy manufacturers and manufacturer of B-Kind doll line, and Kindness.org, a research-driven nonprofit dedicated to educating and inspiring people to choose kindness, today announced a partnership to spread and encourage kindness. As brands closely aligned in their mission and values, teaming up will both educate and inspire benevolence through their work and products.

The partnership will kick off with an Instagram Live event dedicated to the importance of children and kindness on Thursday November 11 To 2 p.m. EST/11:00 a.m. PST. Taking place on Kindness.org‘s Instagram pages, the Instagram Live conversation will cover related topics ranging from why being kind is so important in today’s world, how you can teach children these values, and more. The panel will be composed of parents including:

  • Moderator: Jaclyn Lindsey, co-founder and CEO of Kindness.org
  • Panelist : Betty cheung, parenting and lifestyle influencer and mother of three daughters
  • Panelist: Thais Eliasen, parental influencer and mother of four
  • Panelist : Talie Knutson, Marketing Director at Jada Toys, and mother of two

“It was obvious for us to join forces with Kindness.org because we stand for the same things ”, declared Talie Knutson, Marketing Director at Jada Toys. “As a company, kindness has always been at the center of our core values ​​and we are excited to bring that to parents through this collaboration and to children this holiday season through our line of B-Kind dolls. are delighted to officially kick off this partnership with an event that brings a meaningful, relevant and honest conversation about kindness to the fore with parents. “

“We are thrilled to partner with a company like Jada Toys. Their new line of dolls is an amazing and innovative way to help children around the world learn more about the importance of kindness,” said Jaclyn Lindsey, co-founder and CEO of Kindness.org. “When we identify which brands to partner with, it starts with aligning values ​​first. Are we working towards the same goal? It was an easy yes. With their support, we will be able to continue our delivery work. of our curriculum, Learn Kind to K-8 students around the world. “

Jada Toy’s The B-Kind brand is a line of eco-friendly dolls that promote positive messages of kindness and inspire children to be creative and compassionate. Available exclusively at Walmart, the line includes six 12.25-inch dolls – Brianna, Koral, Ivy, Nora, Daisy and Hope – all of which are eco-friendly, recycled materials they are made with eco-friendly fashion. they wear, to reusable packaging created from soy ink.

To join the Instagram Live event, viewers can log into Kindness.org‘s Instagram pages. Make sure to follow on social media for updates on what will be coming from the brands again. You can consult B-Kind on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, TIC Tac, Twitter and Youtube. For more information visit dollsbkind.com.

About Jada Toys

Jada Toys is one of the leading private toy manufacturers. Founded in 1999, Jada has developed a global presence in retail. Their strong focus on pop, trends, and automotive culture has expanded their portfolio of die-cast and radio control vehicles to include collectible and action figures, dolls, preschool toys, and more. Partnering with top entertainment studios allows for a collaboration that has resulted in broad lines of licensed products that appeal to collectors, children and families. Exclusive lines accompany the licensed product to complement Jada Toys’ offerings.

On Kindness.org

Kindness.org is a research-driven nonprofit dedicated to educating and inspiring people to choose kindness. Through their research center, Kindlab, they are studying the costs and benefits of kindness, and the role it can play in solving modern problems. They then use their learnings and create products and programs to deliver action-based caring programs in schools, communities and workplaces around the world. Their flagship program, Learn Kind, is an inquiry-based learning program that brings kindness and socio-emotional education to classrooms around the world. It was launched in 2020 and has served over 38,000 K-8 students from all over the world. All of their efforts contribute to the vision of a world where benevolence is at the forefront of human interaction.

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