Jeff Bezos Dick Rocket goes on sale for $69 as a scale model

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Model rocket maker Estes is releasing a 1/66th scale model of the Blue Origin New Shepard rocket, meaning anyone will be able to launch their own version of the spacecraft 400 feet into the air. But if you’re wondering, yes, the Estes version looks exactly like the real version. In other words, it looks like a dick.

Amazon billionaire Jeff Bezos launched into the New Shepard edge space last month, reaching 62 miles above sea level, surpassing the altitude of fellow billionaire Richard Branson 53 miles. Branson’s rocket, however, did not look like a rooster.

The new Estes rocket alone costs $69.99, but if you don’t already have a launch pad, you’ll have to splurge for the starter kit, which includes the rocket, a launch pad, a controller, and more. electronic launch, an engine pack, recovery wadding. Just make sure you don’t shoot your wad too soon, a problem that can really limit your enjoyment of the rocket – a rocket that looks like a human schlong.

The Estes website says you’ll need a C6-3 Where C6-5 engine pack for a good launch:

The Estes New Shepard is a 1/66th scale model of the Blue Origin New Shepard launch vehicle. He flies at altitude on a C6-3 or C6-5 and is capable of flying up to 400 feet. He too, after deploying the capsule, drops into the atmosphere under a large parachute to land softly. Like the Blue Origin New Shepard, you can ride the Estes New Shepard again and again.

The promotional video, available on Youtube, cuts between the rocket model and actual footage of the New Shepard launch with Bezos. Which, again, sadly looks like male genitalia.

As a YouTube commentator Put the“My sister has one in her drawer.”

“Estes is proud to partner with Blue Origin to provide a piece of history that inspires children to dream and imagine. The ready-to-fly New Shepard model is a perfect addition to your office shelf or toss it to recreate spaceflight by yourself! the company’s website Explain.

The Blue Origin Rocket doesn’t officially go on sale until November, but pre-orders are available now. There’s a limit of five per customer, which probably means they’re expecting huge demand for this one. If you’re looking to get one by Christmas, it’s probably best to get in now, if we had to guess. These pecker rockets are going to fly off the shelves.

Each rocket will include a postcard from Bezos’ organization, Club For the Future, where people can send their own vision of the future. The postcards will be taken aboard a Blue Origin flight and returned to the sender with the message “Flown to Space” stamped on them, according to a Press release.

Penis. It looks like a penis.

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