Kia models hit hard by delivery delays with Stinger, Stonic, Seltos, Sorento, Rio and Picanto in a few months, but new Cerato offer looks good – Car News


Delays in delivering new cars caused by various factors became more than frustrating for Kia, so much so that the brand was almost forced to abandon plans to launch its plug-in hybrid Sorento this year.

Kia has been one of the hardest hit by the delays, with COVID-related production and shipping issues made worse by the shortage of semiconductors (chips) that control everything from satellite navigation to the system. autonomous emergency braking.

Some customers who paid in December were told to prepare for a six-month wait and even longer for the mostly high-end variants that require more chips. Cars need 50 to 300 chips, while electric vehicles can require up to 3,500.

But the situation at Kia is improving, depending on what you want, the company said. CarsGuide.

The latest is that the new Cerato model, which has just been launched, has good uptime. There may also be some examples of the runout pattern available.

The Sportage is also sold out and it can be difficult to get the one you want. As always, check with your dealer if you need the car quickly, and be prepared to compromise on trim options, color, and quality.

Kia Australia spokeswoman Alyson MacDonald said baby Picanto – which dominates Australia’s micro-car segment – suffered an additional delay of up to two months, pushing delivery back to around four months.

And high-end versions of some other models are particularly hard to find quickly.

Ms MacDonald said the GT and GT-Line versions of the Rio, Stonic, Seltos and Stinger are about three months away from delivery, while the Sorento GT-Line is clearly popular with a six-month wait.

Earlier this year, Kia was in the unusual position of some new car buyers switching to a used model, with the result that the price of used cars for some Kias has soared by $ 5,000 more than the new car prices. Other brands, notably Suzuki with its Jimny, found themselves in the same boat.

Last month, Kia said it would offer refunds to customers frustrated by delays in delivery times for new cars.

Ms. MacDonald said, “We offer customers the option of canceling their order and receiving a full deposit refund if the wait time exceeds the time required for a vehicle.”

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