Kirstie Allsopp Brands Piers Morgan A ‘Bully Repellent’ In Latest Pair Twitter Clash

Kirstie Allsopp called Piers Morgan a “disgusting bully” as the pair clashed again on Twitter.

The property presenter originally found herself making headlines after The Sunday Times quoted comments she supposedly made about first-time buyers.

According to the newspaper, Kirstie said there was “an issue around the desire to make those sacrifices” for young people to buy their first home.

Although Kirstie apparently acknowledged that interest rates are much lower today than when she bought her first home, she faced a backlash on social media for her remarks, which many have described as privileged.

However, the Location Location star, who bought her first property with the help of her family when she was 21, later appeared to suggest her comments had been taken out of context.

Piers was among those who slammed her on Twitter, where he wrote: “Every time Kirstie Allsopp strains I check why and see she said another incredibly stupid, ridiculously uninformed and terribly privileged thing.

“Then I wait for her to respond to the fully justified outrage by throwing her toys out of the pram and quitting Twitter again.”

As Kirstie continued to suggest there had been misrepresentations surrounding her initial remarks, she also hit back at Piers, who she had publicly clashed with before.

“Piers Morgan is a loathsome bully who would attach himself to any passing train,” she tweeted.

In 2020, the two presenters locked horns on Twitter, after Kirstie was called out for choosing to go to her second home in Devon at the start of lockdown.

During the exchange, Kirstie – a former frequent guest on Good Morning Britain – called Piers a “bastard” for directing other online critics his way by quoting her via tweet.

In a later interview with The Mirror, Piers claimed that Kirstie later “got a bunch of TV executives to call me to try and stop me and apologize” for the line.

She denied the claims and suggested that Piers might “find ways to promote his book that don’t involve mentioning my name”.

Meanwhile, Kirstie called on the press to take the UK housing issue more “seriously” and to “stop believing what you read” in particular news outlets, which she accused of “grieving for the clicks”.

She tweeted: “Let’s try to find ways to help these young people. Let’s be honest about what is possible, what should be supported and encouraged, which programs have worked and which have not. Let’s debate how far we are willing to go to increase home ownership.

Kirstie went on to say, “[Anyone] whoever thinks that i have spent the last 22 years pretending to understand the needs of british homebuyers must really consider me a very good actress. If you don’t like the shows, don’t watch them. But I don’t care what the press or social media think of me, life is too short.

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