Labor Day Sale – 3 Consumer Shopping Trends Brands Need to Know About

Young Americans are the most enthusiastic

As was the case with Memorial Day, young Americans and parents with young children are the most excited about the holiday: 53% of Gen Z and Millennials plan to attend a Labor Day celebration hosted by someone else, for example, compared to just 32% of Gen Xers and 18% of Baby Boomers. And while 56% of Americans overall plan to go shopping, that figure includes 69% of Zers and 71% of Millennials. Indeed, only parents with children under 18 (76%) are more enthusiastic about the idea of ​​selling.

One way to take advantage of these trends is to understand what these groups are looking for. Overall, Americans cited clothing (59%) and food (56%) as the products they are most likely to buy, with alcohol coming third (39%). The younger generations differ somewhat.

Back-to-school shopping and dorm decorating are a priority for young people. As schools gather again for the start of the school year, seasonal inventory must of course be unloaded, and young consumers riding through a hot summer of scorching inflation are ready to find deals. It’s a good thing for them that many Labor Day sales have already started.

Clothing is at the top of the Gen Zers list (54%), followed by home care items (43%), personal electronics such as smartphones (42%) and toys and games (41%). Looking specifically at 18 to 34 year olds who report being able to shop during a Labor Day sale this year, they are more frequently interested than all American adults in household electronics such as televisions and computers. audio systems (32% versus 25%). , small appliances like toasters and blenders (29% to 24%) and furniture and home decor (28% to 22%) – suggesting college-aged students are looking to decorate their dorms or maybe outfitting their first apartment as they prepare for the school year.

Young consumers are looking to make larger purchases while older consumers are looking for more everyday items. Three in five millennials think deals at Labor Day sales events are better than deals at other sales events throughout the year — a sentiment shared by more than half of the generation Z and Gen X (53% and 54%, respectively) — which might explain why they’re looking to invest in things they otherwise couldn’t afford this Labor Day.

Marketers take note: Knowing who’s about to make a splash in holiday spending, and on what, should help tailor their promotions to one of the biggest retail days of the year.

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