LEGO and Pokemon Lover built-to-scale Charmander model

Credit: The Pokémon Company/Reddit (u/mininightmare)

The saying used to be that idle hands are the devil’s workshop, but nowadays there are a host of less sinful, time-consuming hobbies a person could take up. In this person’s case, time was spent building a scale model of the Pokemon Charmander using LEGO bricks.

The LEGO building hobby has gone beyond simple children’s toys with more complex and challenging designs now available. In fact, in 2013 the plastic toys went to the International Space Station for astronauts to build models and see how they react to microgravity. The toy brand has become one of the biggest global brands of all time and its use has not been limited to just children.

The individual, u/mininightmare, shared his accomplishment on Reddit, stating that the piece used “just over 4,000 bricks” and stood “2ft tall and weighs 6kg!”

It’s technically to scale, as in-universe Charmander is 2 feet tall and only weighs a little more at 8.5 kg.

They also added that the instructions for building the character came from bricklayer constructiona website set up to help LEGO enthusiasts create fantastic designs beyond what the company offers.

In the Reddit thread, the creator shared that he “spends a few evenings every week building it.”

When asked how they approached the design, they said, “The instructions came as an official set, there were 6 booklets in total. Started with the tail and feet on a 32×32 base plate and built in a circular motion from there.

Kudos to the creator on the build and maybe next time they’ll go even bigger. Give us a 5’7″ LEGO Charizard, you cowards.

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