Mercedes-Benz unveils 1:18 scale miniature transporter


1:18 scale diecast models are popular collectibles, plus they cost less and take up much less space than actual vehicles. And now Mercedes-Benz has found a nifty way to display these vehicles – a new 1:18 scale Actros car transporter which the company says is the first available at this scale.

“The predominant standard size for commercial vehicle models previously was 1:50,” the company said. “Mercedes-Benz has worked with renowned model car maker NZG to create their first 1:18 scale tractor / semi-trailer combination.

“This opens up entirely new horizons for commercial vehicle models. Even the smallest details inside and outside the Actros are clearly recognizable.

Cabin and trailer

“And then there’s the 96.5 cm (almost 38 inch) long car transporter body which is just as feature rich as the original trailer. The car transporter can be loaded with up to seven Mercedes-Benz model cars from the extensive 1:18 scale Mercedes portfolio and intelligent vehicles.

Or with an equal number of any other 1:18 scale model.

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All 1:18 scale diecast models will fit the transport trailer, shown are current Mercedes vehicles

Mercedes notes that the trailer is made up of 500 individual components and is held together by 225 screws, pins and tools. The tractor is based on the one unveiled at the IAA Hannover 2018 with the new Actros facelift. The model has a tilting cabin that exposes the engine. The doors open, the service hatch too.

The trailer and transporter are priced at € 629.90 ($ 720 each). The Mercedes vehicle models shown in the photos range from € 79.90 ($ 91) to € 119.90 ($ 137) each across the Mercedes-Benz website.

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