New Ferrari option gives owners an exact scale model of their car

As a rule, car enthusiasts around the world love scale models of their favorite machines. In this domain, Amalgam stands out for building some of the most amazing scale replicas we’ve ever seen. Now the lucky few who buy a new Ferrari can get a second version of their beloved car, albeit a bit smaller.

Amalgam and Ferrari have had a strong relationship for over 20 years, with many scale Ferrari models already available to anyone who loves these collectibles. This new venture brings the relationship directly to Ferrari buyers, not only giving them a scale model option when purchasing, but capturing and matching the specs of the real car in the mini version. This means that every Amalgam Ferrari model ordered at purchase is bespoke and literally an exact copy of the real deal, right down to the colors and trim.

That might not look too impressive for a small replica, but Amalgam’s models aren’t small. In the largest 1:8 scale format, a Ferrari 812 Superfast is almost two feet long. We suspect many new Ferrari buyers will be interested in the slightly smaller 1:12 scale models, as these are only available from Ferrari dealerships while anyone can order a 1:8 replica. Amalgam currently offers models for the Portofino M, Roma, 812 Superfast, 812 GTS, SF90 Stradale and SF90 Spider. As Ferrari’s new debut, Amalgam will expand its range of scale models to match.

Amalgam doesn’t list prices for ordering its scale replicas as Ferrari options, but those familiar with the company are aware that such detail comes at a cost. Scrolling through Amalgam’s website, we see that a 1:8 scale F8 Tributo is in development with an Amalgam direct price of $12,547. Going smaller saves money, as a 1:12 Portofino M also appears in development for $3,216.

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