PetHub Partners with Pet Brands for 9th Annual Lost Pet Prevention Month

Press Release: PetHub

PetHub, Inc., the leading networked database and subscription service for pets and their parents in the United States, has launched its 9th annual Lost Pet Prevention Month (LPPM) celebration. This awareness month was created by PetHub in 2014 to provide pet owners with strategies, content and tools to prevent pets from getting lost, as well as recovery techniques to help pets get home safely. safer and faster.

“PetHub is committed to helping pet owners keep their pets safe, happy, and home for the rest of their lives,” said Lorien Clemens, CEO and co-founder of PetHub. “One in three pets will get lost at some point in their lives, which is why we created LPPM to raise awareness of the growing problem of lost pets and to provide pet owners with helpful resources, tools and best practices. practices for the prevention and recovery of lost pets.”

Throughout the month-long awareness campaign, PetHub is working with pet industry and shelter partners to prepare pet owners for any scenario. Each week, PetHub will focus on specific topics related to lost pets, including travel safety, training and enrichment, local and community resources, and more. PetHub and the following LPPM partners will also be offering special discounts for pet owners:

  • Avvinue, a team of pet parents, animal lovers and passionate travelers on a mission to make it easier to explore the world with our pets.
  • Buddyrider, a pet seat designed to allow pet owners to safely take their dog on a bike ride.
  • Eusoh, a community health sharing plan that reimburses you for your pet’s medical, welfare, illness and routine care costs.
  • GoPetFriendly, the nation’s fastest growing pet-friendly trip planning platform, with over 1 million trips booked each year.
  • SodaPup, a veteran-owned company that produces durable, American-made, FDA-compliant dog toys.
  • Stashios, a women-owned and operated company, offers treats that hide what pets need in what they love.
  • Tractive, an international company that offers real-time GPS tracking and activity monitoring for cats and dogs.
  • Trusted Housesitters, a global community that connects pet owners and pet sitters around the world through their mutual trust and love of animals.

In addition to raising pet parents’ awareness of lost pet prevention through the LPPM campaign, PetHub’s innovative technology and modern pet identification tools have had a huge impact on the rate problem. Return to Owner (RTO) in the US returning 96% of pets. found with identification tags in less than 24 hours. This has resulted in huge financial savings for municipalities and shelter operators across the country by keeping animals out of shelters, which costs an average of $100 per day per animal.

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