Piers Morgan calls critics of Elon Musk’s “Person of the Year” a “woke whiner”

Piers Morgan do not mince words, and after Elon Musk has been announced Timethe person of the year, the old oneHello Great Britain the host had a lot to say.

In his Online Mail column, Morgan acknowledged that although the EspaceX founder and CEO “is not everyone’s cup of tea”, those who criticize the decision to award him this distinction, they are “awakened bee-eaters” who “throw their toys out of their strollers”.

The 56-year-old journalist drew similarities between himself and the You’re here boss, saying he could describe himself by calling Musk “brash, arrogant, intransigent, erratic, antagonistic, seeking attention and sometimes tweeting like a reckless maniac.”

He praised the “swashbuckling maverick” and said the billionaire had failed to be “the greatest entrepreneurial genius on planet Earth, rightly so” by being “M . Nice guy “.

Mr. Nice Guy is certainly a label not everyone would agree with Musk.

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Musk was described as capricious, and reportedly told overworked staff, “I can be on my own private island with nude models, drinking Mai Tais – but I’m not.”

There are other reviews also, with some arguing that autonomy under Musk is an issue, as well as the ambitious leader’s “unrealistic” goals. However, it is also been said that he thinks outside the box and that he has a “contagious” energy.

Commenting on Musk’s management style as a “demanding workaholic,” Morgan said, “Truly transformative people are rarely warm and cuddly individuals.”

Time the magazine’s Person of the Year isn’t necessarily an endorsement of the person they pick each year, but rather the person who had the most influence on the world that year – “for better or better. for the worst “. Previous winners include Greta Thunberg, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, but others have also received accolades from the magazine Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin.

Morgan assumed Musk fell in the “right category” – but not everyone agreed.

Morgan wrote: “Judging by the indignant liberal reaction to his Time POTY announcement, the Awakened Brigade thinks he is even less deserving than previous title holders like Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin.

Morgan then cited criticism from talk show host Jimmy Kimmel, who said the award “isn’t necessarily a compliment” before mentioning the magazine that previously selected Hilter and Trump.

Senator Elizabeth Warren criticized Musk for his “free charge” because of the “rigged tax code” – but Musk fought back to claim he would pay more taxes than any American in history this year.

He kept calling her “Senator Karen”, saying, “You remind me of when I was a kid and my friend’s angry mother would randomly yell at everyone for no reason.” “

So what does Morgan have to say about the reviews?

Introducing Musk as the “living and breathing personification of the American Dream,” Morgan went on to highlight the difficulties Musk faced before describing the accomplishments of his previous endeavors.

Morgan concluded by saying that Musk was “only qualified” to receive the award and added, “We need more people like him in the world, and fewer wake-up callers who are currently throwing their toys out of their strollers because may their bogeyman finally get the recognition they deserve. “

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