PlayMonster launches new products from classic Spirograph, Koosh and Playskool brands • The Toy Book

New Spirograph Products | Source: PlayMonster

Instead of its usual Toy Fair New York announcements, PlayMonster unveiled several new additions to its growing line of toys and games.

This week, the Wisconsin-based company introduced new Spirograph products, a new Koosh brand extension from Hasbro, and three new Playskool brand products from Hasbro.

Spirograph is a craft activity kit that lets kids create spiral patterns with gears, precision rings, wheels and colored markers. To reach a new generation of creators, PlayMonster will launch Spirograph 3D to add a whole new dimension to its classic spiral designs. The company has also partnered with The Walt Disney Co. to create Spirograph Cyclex Clips and Spirograph Cyclex Studio for fun on the go, featuring popular clip-on Disney characters such as The Mandalorianit’s Grogu, Frozenit’s Elsa toy storyof Buzz Lightyear and Mickey Mouse. Additionally, PlayMonster will launch Spirograph Mandala Maker, which will appeal to older crafters with large-scale Spirograph artwork using the interchangeable Mandala wheel.

Source: PlayMonster

PlayMonster is also having fun outdoors with Koosh Flix Stix, a lacrosse version of Hasbro’s classic Koosh Ball. Each set comes with two Flix Stix and a Koosh Ball, and will be available at retailers this fall.

Friends Playskool Glo | Source: PlayMonster

Finally, PlayMonster is reinventing Hasbro’s iconic Playskool brand with fresh products. Playskool Glo Friends is a collection of glow-in-the-dark insects with fidget functionality and social-emotional learning (SEL) design features. Playskool Little Wonders are sensory playsets made from sustainable wood and infused with lights, sounds and music. The Original Magnatab is a sensory drawing tablet that uses magnets and a stylus to teach letters, shapes and numbers, as well as allowing children to draw freely. PlayMonster Playskool brands will be available at retailers early this year.

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