Pop Culture Merch: Uncanny Brands “The Office” household appliances

The Office Single Serve Coffee Maker | Source: Uncanny Brands / The Pop Insider

You are going to be afraid of how much you love the latest Uncanny Brands launch.

Two new The Office-themed devices are on their way to FYE to make sure your New Year is a good one. Fans can get their caffeine fix with just one coffeemaker, or whip up the world’s best chili in the slow cooker.

The Office Single Serve Coffee Maker features the Dunder Mifflin logo and comes with a ‘World’s Best Boss’ mug so you can feel like a Michael even if you are the Toby of your workplace. The machine itself brews an 8-ounce cup of Joe in under 90 seconds to get you through all those endless meetings that could have been emails. It can also refill a 14-ounce travel mug to take away on business trips to Winnipeg, Gettysburg, etc.

Kevin’s Famous Chili Slow Cooker | Source: strange marks

Show your coworkers what you do best with The Office Kevin’s famous Chili Slow Cooker. The two-quart range features a removable stoneware insert, perfect for tough office parties. It features an image of Kevin carrying his famous meal (before tragedy struck), a The Office logo, and a sticky note showing what’s inside. It should be noted that you can cook a lot more than chili (it can contain a whole chicken), but why would you? Remember, the trick is not to cook the onions.

The slow cooker is available now, and the coffee maker can be pre-ordered to ship at the end of the month. May your next dinner be good.

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