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Roblox is a global platform where millions of people come together every day to imagine, create and share experiences in immersive user-generated 3D worlds. Its success is hard to overstate, with over 199 million monthly active users across 180 countries, his most popular experience having been played 20 billion times.

So it’s no surprise that some of the world’s biggest advertisers are watching the platform, trying to figure out how they can get in front of its millions of users.

With that in mind, Anzu, the global in-game advertising platform, hosted a webinar to help advertisers better understand the platform and how to exploit the opportunities it presents. The event was led by David Sable (author and former global president and CEO of Y&R), who was joined by the co-founder and CEO of Anzu, Itamar Bénédy, and the marketing director of Whalar, Jamie Gutfreund.

A screenshot from the Anzu Talks webinar

Community, engagement and confidentiality

Benedy kicked off the webinar by saying that compared to all other social media platforms, where advertising is their business, in Roblox it’s all about community, user experience, engagement and privacy. first of all. According to Benedy, the love of Roblox users for the platform was seen recently when their servers went down for 60 hours. He said, “User reaction was completely different from how people usually react when a social media channel goes down. Instead of fuming, the community was very supportive and took to Twitter to “hang around” until the platform came back online.

Gutfreund confirmed, saying it all comes down to the community aspect of the platform: “There are people who make a living on Roblox, and because people create games, communities and audiences, they are invested. in the success of the platform. . “

She went on to talk about the age of Roblox’s audience, saying that “it’s one of the few platforms that as it gets older isn’t a bad thing because you’re anonymous. The reason it has worked so well with a younger audience is that it’s safe. From the start Roblox has been focused on security and privacy, and brands that can be associated with Roblox can incorporate moderation and extra tools – you can even get old So if you think of it as a place of awareness it works great.

“I did this when I was working for a toy company. We’ve made a game for LOL Surprise !, which is a huge hit in the toy world, and we’ve created a game that’s for everyone. You’ve had kids as young as five as well as older doll fans. They came to the game to find out about the brand, and you can play with the characters as friends against them as toys. The experience was really compelling and we were getting an average of 15 minutes per game for engagement. It was natural for the toy brand, but you have companies like Gucci that had a two week experience, and people wondered why they did it. I think it was because they wanted to create something interesting, show that they are forward thinking and try to sow visibility with a younger audience.

Official LOL Surprise party on Roblox. Credit: MGA Entertainment

Reached audience

Sable added that the number of children Roblox is reaching is incredible. He has said that all of his grandchildren love the platform, and Mark Read, CEO of WPP, was even recently quoted as saying that all his kids want to do is play Roblox in their spare time. Sable also noted that while many people see Roblox as a platform for kids, the audience is growing and starting to appeal to people of all ages, including himself.

Benedy responded by saying that because Roblox is moving so fast, brands that only watch what Roblox is today will not maximize its true opportunity. “Roblox is a $ 40 billion company, but what’s more interesting is the size of its team. No other company of their size in the world is more valuable. As they continue to grow, recruit more people, and maximize their resources, the platform will continue to transform. Currently, we are in the first true iteration of Roblox. As the platform builds the pieces and creates more reasons for an older audience to be there, we’ll see the average age increase dramatically.

Gutfreund intervened, saying there are two ways to reach audiences on Roblox. “The first is a short-term activation or a cascade like the Gucci Garden and the Roblox Lil Nas X concert. However, these experiences are available for a limited time and then they go away. The other way, which is harder to do, but this is where you get the most visibility and engagement, is to build a persistent world. This is where you build a community that is almost like a CRM experience for games. She believes this area will become much more sophisticated. However, the challenges with this are that it requires a high level of investment, infrastructure, and resources.

Alternatives to investing

Gutfreund went on to say that the reason Anzu’s offering is so attractive is that if brands want to experience Roblox but aren’t ready to invest in the form of short-term activation or d ‘a persistent world is a great opportunity to step into the platform and see what kind of engagement you get through ad placements that complement the game, without interrupting anything.

To watch the webinar on demand head here. Or get in touch to find out if Anzu can help you get your brand started in Roblox.

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