Take TikTok seriously, brands said in Hootsuite keynote, as app continues to dominate social media

In the latest Hootsuite Social Trends Hot Takes 2022 webinar, marketers once again reiterated the growing importance of TikTok as key to the hearts and minds of online consumers.

Offering a fresh take on the 2022 Social Trends Report released by Hootsuite late last year, Sarah Dawley, Head of Content at Hootsuite, was joined by Albane Flamant, Head of Brand Storytelling and Data at social listening platform Talkwalker, and Matt Greener, vice president of marketing for the user-generated content platform. to give their take on the trends and offer a glimpse of what else could be on the cards in 2022.

Hootsuite’s latest webinar offered new insights into its 2022 Social Trends report

Although marketers are still unconvinced of the effectiveness of TikTok as a marketing platform, TikTok has changed the way content is consumed both on and off the app. Flamant commented that while there is a “shiny new toy” effect with TikTok, the hype surrounding the app provides an opportunity for brands to increase engagement with their communities:


“We see when we listen to consumer conversations, the conversations skyrocket when it comes to TikTok. Even though people are not active on it, they are curious to see what is happening and we are seeing TikTok content being shared on other platforms and also getting very high engagement rates.

Referencing Talkwalker’s own Social Media Trends 2022 e-book, Flamant claimed that Talkwalker expects 2022 to see TikTok take over social media, with other platforms having to adapt. “What we’ve seen is the influence that TikTok has no matter what, even if you’re not on it,” Flamant said.

“I think as marketers at the end of the day, even if we don’t have an account on TikTok, even if we think it’s not the right solution for us, we have to continue to understand this what happens there – what content works.

Although TikTok’s perceived effectiveness increased year on year, it was still significantly lower than that of Meta’s Facebook and Instagram.

Social advertisers should also take note of the potential discount that can be achieved by adopting TikTok’s preferred content approach.

“We’re seeing that social networks like TikTok and Snapchat are kind of forcing brands to be more creative and create ads that reflect and enrich the experience people have on those platforms instead of just interrupting it,” he said. Dawley said.

“Not only do marketers find this a highly effective way to connect with audiences and get more bang for their buck, but research also shows that consumers are far more open to brand ads. when they get what it takes, and especially on these platforms”.

Sarah Dawley from Hootsuite was joined by Albane Flamant from Talkwalker and Matt Greener from Tint

The panel also noted that the way consumers use and interact with social media is changing from a matter of escapism and entertainment to a practical tool fully integrated into their daily lives.

“It’s really interesting to see this because I think it signals this shift from social being this destination, a place where you either go on your computer or on your phone to be something much more utilitarian, something that they use to talk to friends, talk to family, get jobs done, order things, buy things, get customer service; all in one,” Dawley commented.

She noted the impacts this change will have on advertisers, adding “You’re no longer just interrupting someone’s free time while they’re scrolling, you’re actually integrating into their day-to-day life and almost every facet of the life.”

The panel also discussed the recent rise of Web 3.0 and the metaverse, to which Greener remarked that “at the end of the day, there’s still a lot up in the air.”

“Unless your Gucci or your less are a team with a big budget and a lot of resources to really spend figuring things out, you might want to sit down and watch what happens over the next few months and see where brands are successful,” he added.

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