Tesla Cybertruck Die-Cast Model Toy Comparison

the You’re here Cybertruck has taken the internet by storm, both by Tesla enthusiasts excited to see these otherworldly electric pickup trucks on the road and by naysayers who think the vehicle is controversial for several reasons.

Regardless of personal opinions on the Cybertruck, it is, at the very least, a great contender for die-cast collections, which feature some of the world’s craziest, weird and rare vehicles – some of which are nothing short of more than notions.

But not all die-cast cars are created equally, or in such detail, even for the seemingly simplistic design of the Tesla Cybertruck.

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The re-emergence of die-cast car collections

While die-cast cars never really went away, the popularity of collecting them has again increased significantly over the past few years, and many die-cast cars are more meaningful than just toys for youngsters. automobile enthusiasts, making it a hot collector. item for car enthusiasts of all ages.

Although the car itself lacks intricate body lines and is only available in raw surface form, there are a striking number of differences between each diecast model, according to YouTuber and diecast enthusiast Diecast Dude.

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Which Tesla Cybertruck Diecast Should You Buy?

Cybertruck Diecast Car
Diecast guy

If you’re familiar with Diecast Dude at all, you’ll surely know that he reviews a lot of diecast toys and has pretty solid authority on the subject. His final suggestion is that the Xcartoys die-cast version of the Tesla Cybertruck reigns supreme, but the Hot Wheels id version has some advantages, like the quad in the bed of the truck that gives it a bit more interest.

You can also see the interior through the plastic top of the id version, making it the most detailed yet, and it also has significantly nicer wheels than the main version.

Regardless of brand or version, it’s a much more affordable way to enjoy the Cybertruck without having to wait for Tesla’s official release and paying the six-figure price tag it’s sure to come with. Although each version of the diecast depicts the exact same vehicle, it is always interesting to see small variations between them all, not only in quality but also in design and detail.


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