Tesla Cybertruck, Gucci Cadillac, Beach Land Rover: the new toys from Mattel


Mattel’s release says the truck is full of hidden Easter eggs that builders will discover by putting the kit together. However, one is essential from the outset and should appeal to all audiences: shop windows. Yes, it’s like the truck from the demo on stage. The windows on the left are smashed, referencing the infamous attack that aimed to show the strength of the supposedly armored glass.

1982 Cadillac Seville

Meanwhile, Hot Wheels is releasing a 1:64 model in partnership with Gucci to celebrate the fashion house’s 100th anniversary. The die-cast 1982 Gucci Cadillac Seville is Hot Wheels’ first “haute couture collaboration”, which should come as no surprise to anyone. It slides on Real Riders whitewall rubber tires with a yellow stripe, wrapped around beautiful chrome wheels.

The details are exquisite, especially on the patterned vinyl top. It also comes in genuine Gucci packaging and will cost collectors $ 120. for the privilege. The original Gucci Cadillac Seville was a collaboration between GM and the fashion house, with the V8 sedan only available in white, black and brown. It wasn’t Gucci’s only automotive partnership, either, with a heavy project leading to the construction of a Jaguar as well.

Land Rover Series II

Matchbox, not to be overlooked, releases a more affordable model, with its upcoming Land Rover Series II Safari at only $ 25. The collector’s model wears an appropriate beige paint scheme and rides on True Grip wheels and tires. He wears a tinted windshield and graphics set for the Surf Riders Shop, as well as surfboards attached to a rack on the roof. It even comes complete in a presentation box with a rocky terrain base worthy of its off-road credentials.

Collectors will find a lot to love in the Drops, with details beyond those found in the typical trash can at a toy store. Of course, whether you have a rare exclusive model or a battered old toy from your youth, we can all agree that it’s fun to roll cars across the floor and make vroom-vroom noises every now and then.

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