The 2020 Chevrolet Corvette in 1/18 scale will be at Costco, Sam’s Club


Chevrolet has confirmed that it will not be able to manufacture all examples of the ordered 2020 Corvette, so some customers will receive a 2021 model instead. Maisto’s 1/18 scale version of the car is much easier to build, and it has teamed up with Costco and Sam’s Club to create two versions of the replica that are exclusive to each retailer.

The Costco variant of the Corvette (pictured above) is finished in Sebring Orange with black stripes. Its trunk, doors and trunk lid are open, its four wheels are suspended (although the system is not adjustable like in the real car) and the steering wheel turns. Sam’s Club’s version wears Accelerate Yellow, a $ 500 option on the full-size 2020 model.

Apart from the color, the two models are identical. Maisto is a budget brand, so details and proportions are accurate all things considered. His Corvette stretches approximately 10 inches long, four inches wide and two inches high.

Pricing has yet to be announced, but Maisto models are normally positioned at the affordable end of the scale, meaning no Corvette will carry a triple-digit price tag. Keep in mind that you’ll need a subscription to buy from either store, but it’s still cheaper than ordering the real one, which starts at around $ 60,000 before options. If you’re not a member or live far from either store, you can pick up Maisto’s standard 1/18 scale Corvette from various retailers for around $ 50. It’s available in red or gray, and it doesn’t have black stripes.

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