The best new toys inspired by Paw Patrol: The Movie

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It’s easy to see why toddlers and preschoolers love it paw patrol. The combination of heroic puppies and vehicles is a clear win. But as a parent, you may not always understand why your child, who already has a full set of Marshall, Chase, Rubble, Skye, Rocky and Zuma toys, asks for a new one. Is a fire truck driven by a Dalmatian not the same as another? With the arrival of Paw Patrol: The MovieHowever, many of us are about to be total softies and spring for new movie-related toys.

Unlike the long-running Nickelodeon TV series, this movie tries to appeal to parents. The plot is just as crazy as the TV show, in which the Patrol is known for rescuing living dinosaurs, aliens, merpups, and often a pet. chicken. This time, their nemesis, the corrupt, cat-loving Mayor Humdinger, threatens Adventure City, the place where Chase was abandoned in his youth (never mind that he was still a puppy). He must come to terms with this past trauma so that he and his friends, along with a dachshund named Liberty, can save the town from an environmental catastrophe. Along the way, they meet characters voiced by Kim Kardashian, Randall Park, Dax Shepard, and Jimmy Kimmel. There’s a chance the parents will sit for the whole movie instead of sneaking in to do whatever otherwise like we usually do while our kids are watching the show.

The adventure doesn’t have to end after Ryder and his team of pups come to save the day, as Spin Master has already released toys to replicate their new headquarters and vehicles. Your little Paw fans can play with new ramps and slides for Chase’s Police Car and Marshall’s Fire Truck. Liberty can join her new friends in a flashy pink scooter, while Skye performs a spectacular rescue from her helicopter.

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In anticipation of Paw Patrol: The Movie, toymaker Melissa & Doug has released a new line of toys. These aren’t necessarily tied to movie characters or special gadgets, but they’re a great way to tap into your kids’ love for all things. clumsy in the educational game. Toddlers can practice their motor skills with a vehicle dashboard or set of cardboard blocks, and eventually they’ll be ready to pick up a marker or chalk to use at the paw patrol Art Center.

Here are some of the big news paw patrol toys that our children will love:

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