The destroyed 1959 Ford F-100 went through scale model hell and is restored

Do what you want with it, but the Ford F-Series is, and probably will remain for years to come, the best-selling line of pickup trucks in the world. And we’re not just talking about the newer ones like the F-150, but also the early Effies that hit the custom industry.

As part of our various monthly covers, we have managed to unearth a large number of old F series, with the F-100 being the undisputed champion. We’ve seen them shaved, slammed, sleepy and pretty much anything you can think of.

Except, perhaps, as a reduced model. And that’s exactly what we have here, a 1:18 scale replica of a 1959 Ford F-100 that goes through hell and manages to come back looking better than ever.

Usually people like to play around with their scale models, but one guy in particular who owns a channel called Crazy Restoration has something different in mind. Since the world is so crazy about restorations and reconstructions, why not do it with scale models?

Unlike real cars, these toys have a nasty habit of not rusting fast enough to be worth an investment of time and money, so they have to be destroyed manually. We’ve already seen how a Jeep Wrangler gets off the road until it can’t take it anymore, and a Ferrari is burnt to the ground.

For the F-100 we have here, the method of destruction chosen has not been revealed. We are only shown the damaged hull of the small car, as it would have been abandoned before being rescued. But we kind of imagine that a fire and a mechanical disaster were involved.

To restore it to its original condition, Crazy Restoration does the usual things: the pickup is disassembled, cleaned, spray painted and reassembled.

And make no mistake, the end result is better than some of the real F-100s we’ve covered over the past few months.

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