The GB team will ride on old bikes after all Cervélo Rio models break down


The state-of-the-art Cervélo T5GB track bikes that were developed for the GB team for the Rio Olympics are all broken, leaving the UK cycling team on older models at the world championships next month.

British Cycling has admitted that the £ 10,000 carbon fiber frames, designed in partnership with Cervélo, are not available.

The problems apparently center on the fragility of the executives who do not stand up to the strength of some of the GB team sprinters.

This is the opposite problem to the one engineers encountered during development, when the frames lacked stiffness to cope with the enormous power produced by sprinters, causing the frames to flex during intense effort.

There was some question as to whether the updated model would be ready in time for the Rio Olympics.

We reported last year how Sir Bradley Wiggins complained that the original carbon extension handlebars were too flexible, while Jason Kenny found the frame flexing during his 2,000 watt efforts during ‘a spring.

Cervélo has been working on an updated version of the T5GB bike that will be stiffer and with a lighter paint job. It is registered as an equipment supplier for Team GB until 2020.

It is now understood that there are no working Mk I T5GB motorcycles left and that the team heading to next month’s Track World Championships in Hong Kong will be riding a wetsuit from an older Cervelo. .
model and bikes first developed by the UK Sport Institute for the 2004 Olympics.

In a statement, British Cycling said its “innovative” partnership with Cervélo continues to aim for a “world-class” track bike for the British team at the 2020 Olympics and Paralympics.

“Due to the unprecedented speed and quality of work involved by staff on both sides of the partnership, the T5GB bike was developed and manufactured ahead of schedule, allowing many riders to compete on this model in Rio. “, the statement continued. .

“The results of the track cycling team speak for themselves and British Cycling was and continues to be delighted with the performance of the bike, made possible by Cervélo’s outstanding contribution.

“British Cycling and Cervélo continue to work together to ensure that our riders once again receive the best possible bike, as well as the best possible chance for success in Tokyo.

“While this process is underway – and as is the usual practice at this stage of our performance program – we will apply for the next 2017 UCI Track Cycling World Championships the same equipment protocols that were in place for the 2016 Track Cycling World Championships in London. “

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