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Back in December, I reviewed the 1942 x Replicade, one of New Wave Toys’ line of functional sixth scale arcade cabinets. New Wave’s latest machine is a replica of the arcade classic, Q*bert.

The Q*bert x Replicade retails for $159.99 and is available direct from New Wave Toys or Amazon. New Wave Toys sent me one of the units to check out. Let’s see how it looks and plays.

The Q*Bert x replica

As a limited edition collector’s item, the replicas are very well packaged. There is both a shipping box and another cardboard box inside…

Boxes in boxes. Image by Paul Benson.

…and inside this box, you will find the premium collector box.

The high-end collector’s box. Image by Paul Benson.

Much like the 1942 x Replicade, the Q*bert the machine is nestled in foam inside the manifold box. New Wave Toys goes to great lengths to ensure that your arcade machine reaches you in good condition.

A foam-filled box with fun illustrations. Image by Paul Benson.

Inside the box you will find the following:

  • A 1) Q*bert arcade machine
  • One (1) replica Q*bert Operator’s Manual
  • One (1) micro USB charging cable
  • Four (4) Mini Metal Arcade Tokens
  • Four additional non-slip pads for the bottom of the machine.
The contents of the Q*Bert box. Image by Paul Benson.

As with all of their machines, New Wave Toys have put a lot of work into replicating the look of the original Q*bert arcade cabinet. The cabinet itself is made of wood, with a die-cast metal coin door.

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There are a ton of nice details, like the little lock on the back of the cabinet.

A lock to the loudspeaker enclosure. Image by Paul Benson.

And, like all of their arcade machines, New Wave Toys has included sixth scale quarters that can be placed on the marquee to show how many games you have left to play!

The tiny pieces of metal that come with the machine. Image by Paul Benson.

The rear of the Q*bert x Replicade is largely devoted to functionality, as it is a fully playable arcade machine. Near the top, just above the built-in speaker, are the power switch and volume control.

Volume control and power switch. Image by Paul Benson.

At the bottom of the cabinet you will find all the entrances. Along with a micro-USB port for charging, there are two standard USB ports for plugging in external controllers. There is also an HDMI port so you can play Q*bert on your TV rather than the small built-in LCD screen.

All the different ports to charge and operate the machine. Image by Paul Benson.

Play Q*bert x Replicade

The Q*bert x Replicade runs the original arcade ROMs of both Q*bert and the new sequel Faster Harder Harder Q*bert. It is fully playable directly on the cabinet using the small joystick to control Q*bert.

When I plugged the box into my LG HDTV, the screen and sound were instantly transferred to the TV, without having to change any settings.

Q*bert on the big screen! Image by Paul Benson.

The arcade game plays as I remember it (and I’m still as bad as Q*bert as I was also in the 80s). And very important for all fans of the original, there is a functional knocker coil built into the cabinet. This means that there is a physical hit on the cabinet every time Q*bert perishes in the game.

bringing Q*ber House

The Mandalorian’s favorite game. Image by Paul Benson.

Besides being a fully playable game, the Q*bert x Replicade is a great display item for your shelf. New Wave Toys intentionally chose sixth scale for their machines, making them compatible with the hundreds of 12″ figures available to collectors.

The machine looks and plays exactly like the original. My only criticism is that the cheaper 1942 x Replicade comes with a bonus arcade controller that plugs into the machine. With the rising costs of New Wave Toys arcade machines, it would have been nice to have seen some added value as well. Yet despite this, if you’re a fan of Q*bert, you will certainly be delighted with the Q*bert x Replicade.

Grogu seems more interested in the button than the game… Image by Paul Benson.

As I noted with my review of the 1942 x Replicade, New Wave Toys is allowing me and so many of my peers who grew up in arcades the chance to live out the fantasy of owning our own arcades. They just let us do it at a reasonable cost and scale to fulfill that fantasy.

Arcade machines from New Wave Toys are strictly limited, so if you’re interested in the Q*bert x Replicade, be sure to pick one up soon. Other great games will soon be on the way from New Wave Toys in 6 scale arcade form, like missile command, food fight, and have space, as well as special editions of The dragon’s lair.

For more information, visit the New Wave Toys website.

The Q*bert marquee. Image by Arcade Marquees.

New Wave Toys provided me with review units but did not contribute to this review. As an Amazon Affiliate, I can earn a small commission on a qualified purchase.

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