Top ten most popular toy brands for Christmas 2021 to buy for your kids


With Christmas fast approaching, many of us will start to think about gifts for our loved ones, especially those with little ones.

Finding the right Christmas gift for kids can sometimes be a daunting task every year as it seems like there are an endless number of new brands and products on the market.

Therefore, with the help of research from For, we’ve decided to bring you the ten most popular toy brands for 2021 to help you with your Christmas shopping this year.

The most popular toys for this year were found by looking at Google search data over the past 12 months and some of the top brands may not surprise you.

The Top Ten List features a few childhood classics that will make parents nostalgic this Christmas, with Lego, Barbie, and Nintendo making the three most popular picks.

Lego has been a favorite among kids and adults of all generations, and with 76.4 million searches annually, they once again take home the crown this year as the most popular brand.

While most of the top ten in the rankings feature iconic household brands we’ve all grown up with, a few new brands have also managed to make this year’s list.

Squishmallows was the fifth most popular with 24.6 million searches, which is impressive since they were only created four years ago.

As we all know this time of year can be quite expensive, has also detailed the most wanted used toys for this year which is good for buyers looking for toys without the high price tag. .

The ten most popular toy brands

The list includes many iconic household brands that even adults will love.

Lego, 76.4 million searches

Barbie, 45.9 million searches

Nintendo, 38.9 million searches

Funko! Pop, 25.1 million searches

Squishmallows, 24.6 million

Beyblade, 21.9 million searches

Playmobile, 18.8 million searches

Nerf, 18 million searches

My Little Pony, 17.8 million searches

Uno 17.7 million searches

Top ten most popular pre-loved toys in 2021

PlayStation 4, 722,500 searches

Nintendo Switch, 498,000 searches

Bikes, 492,400 searches

XBox One S, 454,200 searches

PS4 controller, 109,800 searches

Scooters 63,600 searches

Nintendo Switch games, 62,500 searches

XBox One controller, 61,700 searches

PlayStation Five, 58,080 searches

Karts, 48,300 searches

You can view all the data by clicking on here.

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