UK public calls brands out for insincere tributes to Queen | Marketing

Data collated by YouGov revealed that more than half of Britons (58%) think the brand’s tributes to the Queen are insincere.

Some 1,708 British adults were interviewed between September 13 and 14 following the Queen’s death on September 8.

Among those surveyed, the majority of respondents felt that the messaging pushed by brands, primarily on social media, was focused on public relations rather than “a sincere desire to pay homage to them.”

Just 28% said these messages were likely to “come from the heart”, with people aged 65+ being the most likely to believe brands are sincere in their messages of condolence at 39%.

However, 46% of this age group were still skeptical, believing brands were doing it just to maintain a positive image.

The younger generation has even less faith in corporate intentions, with 66% of 25-49 year olds and 61% of 18-24 year olds believing it was PR driven.

Audiences were most likely to believe tributes from brands with a royal connection were appropriate, a sentiment shared by 83% of the population.

Additionally, 81% felt it was appropriate for tourist attractions with a royal connection to publicize their tributes.

That number dropped by more than 20% when asked which tourist attractions did not have a royal connection, with just 59% believing it was appropriate.

Trust in other brands also dropped significantly, with 60% of people believing it was appropriate for supermarkets to pay tribute, 57% for greeting card companies and 56% for food companies.

It might come as a surprise that sex toy and lingerie brands also wanted to pay tribute to the Queen, with more than half (54%) of the public saying it was inappropriate for businesses of this nature to pay tribute.

Gaming companies followed closely, with 32% saying it was appropriate and 49% saying it was inappropriate.

Three quarters of the public supported school closures (77%) and museum closures (75%) on the day of the Queen’s funeral (September 19), with almost as many saying the same of street retailers (72%).

Last week, brands were urged on social media to exercise caution when paying tribute to the Queen, as many were criticized for their lack of taste.

Brands like Domino’s Pizza, Playmobil, Pretty Little Thing and Thomas Cook have come under fire, with some social media users noting it’s inappropriate for companies to use their logo or branding in their tributes.

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