What designer brands, accessories and clothing are a dog’s best friend?

We have seen them all. Pet dogs – and sometimes cats – draped in designer labels and tucked into cashmere blankets. While they may not be hitting the catwalks anytime soon, there’s no denying that some pets have more designer brands in their wardrobes than most humans.

The truth is, many people just like to spend as much money on their pets as they do on their kids, and if that means dressing Fido in Fendi, that’s their choice.

When it comes to clothes, puppies are spoiled for choice, with high-end names from Gucci to Versace offering cozy body warmers to suit all sorts of furry friends.

Prada has extended its recycled Re-Nylon collection to dogs, with a suitably chic jacket, in a dashing Prada triangle pattern. Quilted for extra warmth, it also comes with a hood to help protect against the weather – after all, everyone knows how precious some puppies can be in the face of the elements. Versace’s Barocco Dog Vest, in swirling gold on black, is a real drama of Italian fashion, and even has the famous head of Medusa to see.

Recycled leather dog leash, 780 Dh ($212), Hugo Boss.  Photo: Hugo Boss

Of course, every good dog needs a good leash, and Miu Miu offers one in pink, with a padded bag holder. Hugo Boss, meanwhile, offers a recycled leather version, which comes with a matching harness for added security. Givenchy offers a black and white version.

For dog collars, that staple of dog clothes, Valentino has a Rockstud version — in red, naturally — to match their human shoes. Fendi, on the other hand, has created a white fabric option and Loro Piana’s version, for cats, is in lambskin and cashmere.

Of course, every pet needs plenty of exercise and play to stay healthy, so how about a squeaky bone from Supreme, or a tennis ball and a carrying pouch from Supreme? ‘Anya Hindmarch to ensure a good workout?

Dog Bone, Dh325 ($88), Supreme.  Photo: Supreme

Even meal times get an ultra-chic upgrade, thanks to a Barbour water bowl and a food dish by Moschino Couture. At the end of a long day of chasing designer tennis balls, Fido can then curl up for a pampered night’s sleep on a Dolce & Gabbana leopard print bed, designed as a miniature of the human version.

So the next time you see a pug at Prada or a dachshund at Dolce, don’t judge. Instead, celebrate that a lucky pup is living his dream and maybe offer your services as a dog walker, because it might come with a Gucci uniform.

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Updated: September 17, 2022, 08:28

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